No More Diets!
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Stop Dieting and Start losing weight!

  • Diets do not work
  • Pills do not work
  • They never have and never will

So what do you do?
The first thing is, stop dieting and start learning why your body is not in the shape you want it to be.
Hi I am Raw Chef Dan of and I am here to tell you why. If you want to know how to literally eat yourself thin then click here and I will tell you how.
The weight loss myth is that by applying your will power and counting calories you will lose weight or if you take this pill (along with diet and exercise) you will lose those unwanted pounds. And for few it may be true, but 99% of the time it is ONLY TEMPORARY.

All diets have a starting poin and altmately have an end.
Than is't back top the old way and back come the weight.

The solution is in two major factors. One being food quality & content and the other lays in a basic understanding of how your body proccesses food and what foods do in the body.

Month after month we unknowingly put hundreds of pounds of non-food “stuff” into our system that cannot be processed by the human machine. This has numerous undesirable effects. Weight gain being a magor one along with nearly evey other illness we suffer from. We have become so accustomed to feeling and living at 25% of our potential we have no clue how good we can really feel. Whatever we are doing that causes us to gain weight is also causing a plethora of other health issues. Most of these go unnoticed and those we do notice we do not connect to one another. You may have a cold or stomach ache or whatever all with different names but in reality they are all the same - "Toxemia". The body's own defense system is trying desperately to rid itself of something that does not belong. Many times this results in massive weight gain. To effectively and lastingly lose weight, one must change the focus from losing weight to getting healthy.

You can loose all the weight you want and not be healthy but a healthy person cannot be over weight.

The benefits of regaining your health is priceless. More energy, Clarity, Vitality, Vibrancy, High Spirits, Quality of life... All this can be achieved by not limiting what you eat or even so much as changing your diet to new things but changing the quality of your food and how it is prepared.

Learning about what make you healthy and even more important what make you ill can open a whole new world of food choices for you. Better food will result in better health and loss of excess weight.

Simple changing the quality of what you eat can dramatically change your life.

What do I mean by quality? Well fist we must define Food. In my opinion nothing that is not recognized by the human ecology as a useable nutrient is not by any standards food. Food is useable nutrients that can and will be correctly and efficiently assimilated. “Foods” that have as little non-useful elements and are comprised primarily of useful nutrients are higher quality food. More fuel less junk or biologically speaking, more medicine with less side effects. Side effects being weight gain, aging, digestive de habilitation, mental fogginess, sleepiness… Therefore, learning how quality food can directly affects our body, mind and spirit is the key. This is the cardinal knowledge that marketers and food companies have been hiding from us and using against us for ever.

Now it’s time you take control.

No dieting required, no program to follow, just basic information and knowledge (which should be common) that can change your well being forever. Join me Raw Chef Dan and my guest for an informative and insightful look and how food quality is the key to a healthy life and longevity. Click here for more information on this free event.

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