To all our customers, fans and friends.

raw food

As many of you know we have been in business for 13yrs now, Mun Chan and Dan Hoyt started up the tiny eatery with hope and a hand full of dollar bills. We do not have any backer, no creditors or investors. When we opened in 1999 there were no other raw restaurants, no proven market and no proof of sustainability yet on our own we managed to hold it together for these 13 year operating with just the income from our product and that’s it.

Due to our mission to bring healing, nontoxic, natural foods to a needing community we have crafted our menu using only the best, most powerful, nutritionally potent and clean ingredients available. Though these ingredients are expensive we understand that this is exactly what our customers want and why they come to us in the first place. There are no other places for such food and we filled a niche no one else can.

A business such as this is not a money maker, or get rich and retire operation but more of a non-profit community serving operation serving a needing market. Therefore if we do not maintain a certain level of business to generate a certain level of cash-flow we will not survive. We do not have backers or investors to float us through a low season or even a momentary lull. We need customers daily to keep things moving.

All this said winter is particularly difficult for us as patrons tend to eat more cooked/hot foods pulling their business from us and going somewhere else. I understand and realize this as each year for the past 13 years this has been the case. We have run special incentive programs during the winter months in the past and they have help us until business picks up again but it was not so easy and it was only a small part of what carried us through the winter months.

This year has been particularly tough as the economy has forced our patron to spend less at the same time as Organic and Raw Products have jump in price to an all-time high. We try our best to offer our very special foods at a reasonable price but our cost of goods sold is simply too high for any substantial profitablility. All Quintessence owners work second jobs, our employees are paid first and the rest goes to operations cost.

So why this letter to you?
Well there are 2 things you can do.
1) Come eat, bring friends, family, co-worker, gym/yoga mates…
    Share your favorite restaurant with others to help build our clientele.
2) Visit our indiegogo campaign and contribute

It’s been our pleasure to help so many people for so many years and look forward to another 13years or more of great food and service.
Sincerely your friends at Quintessence.

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