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taught by Raw Chef Dan of Quintessence Restaurant NYC

All Certification courses are taught by me in my kitchen in New York City.
Classes are held with a maximum of 6 students at a time.
This is a hands on side by side work training with me.
If you need me to come to you for training please contact me for booking.
For inquiries just contact me at rawchefdan@yahoo.com




Raw Foods A to Z
Get The Skill and Eat Awesome

A Five Day Intensive Certification Course
with owner and chef or Quintessnce restaurant NYC Changing The Way America Eats Sence 1999

Winter classes now posted

Course Cost $4,000.00

Early Bird Price

$1800 off
the full price 10 days
Before Class Start Date

Your Earlybird May
End Soon So

December Class Closes Soon
Click Here To Register

The Raw Foods A to Z Certification workshop

covers literally everything from A to Z. If you have some or no experience and want to get the skills and knowledge to add raw food to your life then this is for you. The class starts with some theory, how the human digestive system works, how we assimilate nutrients and eliminate waste and why raw foods can be beneficial to better health.

I then delve into what foods to eat and what not to eat and why, soaking and sprouting, the tools of a raw food kitchen and maintenance including knife sharpening.

Then we spend the rest of the course making foods, developing and practicing your skills. The last day students will plan an 8 course dinner, develop the recipes, go shopping, then prepare the dinner and serve to our dinner guest.

We do work from recipes and you will leave with a binder full of wonderful recipes and all your notes from the class however I do not teach only how to make a recipe; I teach technique and recipe creation. This allows you the freedom to make from scratch, make great foods on the fly with what you have on hand, to develop your own recipes and convert cooked food to raw.

I do not have a fancy school or professional kitchen; we work in my space in a NYC apartment with me and my 3 cats. This is to keep cost down and make it affordable for all and to show you that you can do this at home and you don't need a $50,000.00 kitchen to make the best foods ever.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me with whatever concerns or questions you have.
Thank you for your interest in learning this important and essential material.
This course will be a marathon of techniques, tricks, recipe development and everything else you need to eat the way you want, tasty and raw! raw chef course

All classes are held at The Living Space
261 E.10th St. #1C NY NY Next door to Quintessence and Live Live

Need a place to stay for the workshop?

 To hear what students have to say about the course
    click the play button below !

My Raw Chef Mastery Certification Training with Chef Dan from Quintessence in NYC!
Recently, I had the privilege of training with raw chef Dan from Quintessence: http://www.raw-q.com in NYC. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I thought I would learn a good number of recipes from one of the top raw food chefs out there and that would be an experience in itself but to my pleasant surprise the training offered a lot more than that…
Read on Here

Another student Said

I served the leftovers to my husband and my parents this evening and they were blown away!
I also made the ice cream from scratch from maple syrup, ice, cashews, vanilla and black currant juice and it was yummy!
My father was also amazed at how much the tzaziki tasted like the real thing and was intrigued by the raw caviar. My mom was crazy about the butternut squash spaghetti and wants to get the tool to make it with. Thanks again for everything-it's amazing how much I've learned in the past 5 days with your training! I'm really looking forward to posting about this on my blog soon!

The Raw Chef Instructors’ Course.  $800.00

This course is available by request only.

This course teaches you to organize and prepare classes, choose class topics, organize workshops, master effective teaching techniques, develop class strategies to ensure you cover all that was planned to cover in a given class and being an engaging presenter.

To book cantact Raw Chef Dan at rawchefdan@yahoo.com

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