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Raw Chef Dan
Consulting Services

My input to your business can be as simple or extensive as you like. My extensive experience in construction, business and raw foods uniquely qualify me to assist you on every level of your raw food business venture. Before you even pick your location, talk to a professional with experience in the business. It will save you thousands of dollars and months of headaches.

Preliminary consultations
By phone or in person
1 time 1hr $300

General, project planning, budgeting, legal requirements...
Hourly consultations fee $400.00 US

Block time or project rates are also available.

In my experience, consulting fees for a full restaurant start to finish will range from $30,000.00 to $50,000.00 US and will require my services for a minimum of one month and up to two. All fees are negotiable as they apply to each unique business venture.
Project Rates

Restaurant / kitchen design consulting
$1,500.00 US per day

This will cover design to:

  • Maximize efficiency in space usage, traffic flow, employee operations and safety, utility consumption…
  • Coherence with local Health Dept. and building code regulations and requirements.
  • Kitchen design for effective, comfortable and efficient raw food preparations and required equipment.

Restaurant menu planning
$800.00 US per day
This will cover:

  • Comparison of competitor’s menu and discussion of other successful food establishments in the area.
  • Theme development
  • Maximizing menu elements, their usage and versatility
  • Food life span and usage
  • Portions / Presentation
  • Number of items for each category i.e. soups, salads, appetizers, entrees, desserts, drinks, sides…
  • Investigating available ingredients and suppliers.

Recipe development
Contact me

Kitchen staff training
$1,000.00 US per day
  • Use of equipment, cleanup and maintenance
  • How to prepare the recipes for the menu items and storage
  • Importance of the “Raw Food” integrity and preparation
  • Health Dept. requirements
  • Inventory and ordering

Development and training of overall restaurant operations $1,500.00 US per day
This will cover:

  • Handling of money from floor staff to management
  • Customer care and relationships
  • Order processing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Food handling and service
  • Theme, image
  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Wait staff knowledge and helpfulness

Extended involvement relationship
$12,000.00 US per year
This will keep me on call six days a week for any question, assistance, or emergency I may be needed for.

  • I will be available to fly to your location at my expense two times a year for whatever reason necessary including but not limited to developing menu changes / expansion, restaurant changes, or any other related business adjustments or expansion.
  • I will be available to research and develop contacts for food items and ingredients as needed. I will also keep you up-to- date on any new discoveries, opportunities, trends in raw food, etc., that I may be aware of as they come to my knowledge throughout the year.
  • Any visits required in addition to the two trips included will be paid for at the client's expense. All accommodation cost and a daily per diem while I am on location will be at the client's expense and will apply for any time or reason my presence will be needed by you.

All legal expenses incurred at the conclusion of any contract negotiations and signing will be the responsibility of the contractor.

Please review this outline thoroughly and keep in mind that I can help you in saving lots of money and time with my many years of trial and error and my successes.

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