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Quote Of The Month
"If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves"
Author: Thomas Edison

Beginners Raw Prep Class
Sunday Feb 7th 2pm - 4:30pm $60pp

Learn the basics from a pro. Everything you need to know to make easy simple and tasty dishes your whole family will love!

Marinated Veggies
Cream Cheese
Tasty Salads
Blended Soups
Marinated Vegetable Medley
Chocolate Mousse

This is a demonstration class and dinner.
Watch, See, Learn and Eat

Maximum seating 14 people
so book now or you will not
get a seat.

To guarantee your seat Register NOW!
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Nut Free Raw Prep Class
Sunday Feb 21th 2pm - 4:30pm $60pp

Learn to make raw food dishes with only fruits veggies sprouts and sea weeds. Everything you need to know to make easy simple and tasty dishes your whole family will love without the heavy nuts and seeds!

Tasty Salads
Soups / Sauces
Tomato Veggie Pizza
Hjiki Mung Bean Rolls
Coconut Crackers
Apple Fig Pie in butternut Crust

This is a demonstration class and dinner.
Watch, See, Learn and Eat

Maximum seating 14 people
so book now or you will not
get a seat.

To guarantee your seat Register NOW!
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Certification Training
Raw Prep & Raw Chef Mastery Programs

taught by Raw Chef Dan of Quintessence Restaurant NYC

2010 Winter Schedule

Home Chef Certification Course
Feb 26th - 28th 11am 10 5pm --- $1,600.00

Early Bird Registration available
Book Now and Pay Only $1,200.00

At this price seats will go quickly so register today.

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Raw Chef Mastery Certification Course
March 29 - April 4th --- $2,200.00

Early Bird Registration available
Book Now and Pay Only $1,600.00

At this price seats will go quickly so register today.

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For Class info CLICK HERE

To hear what students have to say about the course
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Marinated Asparagus & Portobello over
Vinigared Celery and Red Onions

First slice diagonally ¼ cup celery
mix with an equal portion of thinly slices red onion.
Now marinate in:
3     tbsp       apple cider vinegar
¼    tsp         anise seeds
Set aside

Now slice onto very thin strips one medium sized portobello cap and place the strips spread out in the bottom of a bread pan or a small casserole dish.

Douse with 3 tbsp nama shoyu soy sauce and 2 tbsp fresh orange juice. Then sprinkle with chopped garlic and ginger, about 1 tbsp of each.

Now lay over the mushrooms a layer of fresh asparagus. Douse that good with 3 tbsp olive oil, dust with ½ tsp cinnamon and top it off with a good layer of black pepper. Cover and let marinate for about 10 minutes then with a tightly fit cover, flip it over so the asparagus is on the bottom and the mushrooms are on the top. The orange soy sauce marinade will then drip through and cover the asparagus. Let that marinate for about 30 minimum before serving.

To serve put a portion of the Celery Onion mix on your plate. Now place a serving of asparagus on top and garnish with the Portobello strips. Drizzle with the orange soy sauce marinade and serve.
More great recipes at: http://www.rawchefdan.com/recipestore/recipe_home.html

Just in time for Valentines Day

These are hand made by me with all raw organic ingredients.

Chocolate Covered
Chocolate Pecan Fudge

Banana Cashew Coconut

Chocolate Covered Marzipan

Chocolate Covered Macadamia, Coconut Pineapple Macaroon



Order now so I can ship over the weekend
Just $12.00 ea

Sold Out


New You Juice Cleans

Fast & Juice the five day Juice Cleans is a fully guided on line cleansing program.

Everything you need from A to Z for an easy, fun and effective juice cleans

Back by popular demand I have offered the Fast & Juice program once again. Join us for 5 days of cleansing and rejuvenation you will absolutely Love.

You can join the cleans any time you like and go at you own pace.

Once you sign up you will be directed to the panel shown here were you have links to every day's instruction recipes, and much more.

Only $40 for a lifetime access to this filly guided fasting program.


Raw Chef Dan's Tip Of The Month 

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step"
Author: Unknown
"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new"
Author: Albert Einstein
"All dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them"
Author: unknown
"From small beginnings come great things"
Author: Proverb
These quotes are my mantra for this year. I constantly find myself thinking about all the things I want to do or have happen and with that all the obstacles or reasons why they are not. It is driven into our common thinking from childhood to be aware of what is
holding us back, what the challenges are and what it will take to make change and
reach our goals. What all great achievers have done is to not pay any attention to these factors and persue the dream with the goal and reason in mind.
“What we focus on will expand” ~ Wayne Dyer
It is important to not only write our goal but even more important is to be clear on our
own WHY! Why you want or need to do or have something will fire up our passion and
the daily review or our why will keep the fire burning.

"Go beyond your comfort zone: Live your dream!"
Author: Unknown


Product Pic Of The Month

David Wolfe's
Longevity Now Program

A powerful information product that will educate you in some of world wide culter's renound rejuvinating practices for live and longevity.

News On The Forefront
Fecal Bacteria in Fast Food
Soda Fountains
A recent study has revealed that a full 48 percent of soda fountains at fast food restaurants contain coliform bacteria -- a bacteria that grows in feces. Eleven percent also  contained E. Coli.
Other opportunistic pathogenic microorganisms found included Chryseobacterium meningosepticum and of Klebsiella, Staphylococcus, Stenotrophomonas, Candida, and Serratia. Most of the identified bacteria showed resistance to one or more of 11 antibiotics tested.

While there have been few certified outbreaks over in the last ten years related to soda fountains, many incidents of food poisoning go unreported.

Sources: Dr Mercola:

Boost Your Mood With Winter Workouts

Winter can put a chill on even the most enthusiastic exercise plans. But sticking to your exercise program throughout the cold months is beneficial for multiple reasons, experts say. Not only can physical activity lift your spirits during days of limited sunlight, it can help make sure you're in good shape when the weather gets warmer.

To exercise safely in more challenging conditions, you may need to make some adjustments to your routine. When exercising outdoors, it's important to dress properly.

Wear layers that you can peel off as necessary. Ideally, the layer closest to your skin should be made of a breathable wicking material and not sweat-absorbing cotton. Then add a layer of fleece or cotton for warmth and, finally, a windbreaker or waterproof outer layer.

Make sure you've adequately insulated your extremities. Your face, fingers and toes are most likely to get frostbitten. Pain or tingling in your ears, fingers or toes is a sign that it's time to come in from the cold. And don't forget a hat -- substantial body heat is lost through your head.

Whole Foods and the Myth of Natural

The $25 Billion organic marketplace has enjoyed substantial growth for over a decade, thanks to growing consumer consciousness and farmer innovation.

No longer a passing trend or simply a niche market, organic food and farming are proving to be a viable alternative to the unhealthy, unsustainable and unjust conventional food system.

Unprecedented wholesale and retail control of the organic marketplace by UNFI and Whole Foods, employing a business model of selling twice as much so-called "natural" food as

Whole Foods Protest
certified organic food, coupled with the takeover of many organic companies by multinational food corporations such as Dean Foods, threatens the growth of the organic movement.

Read More

Cell Phone Damage no longer denied

Witnesses before a Senate Committee testified about research into cell phone use and its potential impact on human health, as well as the potential side effects such as brain and salivary gland tumors.

In 2008, cell phones were identified as a contributor to salivary gland tumors. Dr. Siegal Sadetzki, who testified in September 2009 at the U.S. Senate Hearing, is the principle investigator of the study that made this finding.

The report states that your risk of getting a parotid tumor on the same side of your head that you use for listening to the mobile phone increases by:

  • 34 percent if you are a regular cell phone user and have used a mobile phone for 5 years.
  • 58 percent if you had more than about 5,500 calls in your lifetime.
  • 49 percent if you have spoken on the phone for more than 266.3 hours during your lifetime.

Learn More: http://emf.mercola.com/sites/emf/archive/2010/01/21/US-Senate-Committee-Confirms-Dangers-of-Cell-Phones.aspx

Blog Pic of the month
The Immortal Chicken Heart & Truly Raw Chocolate by Matt Monarch

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.

Nobel Prize winner Alexis Carrel found a way to keep living tissue cells alive indefinitely. By supplying needed nutrients and clearing away waste, not only did the cells under examination survive, they also showed no signs of deterioration. Dr. Carrel kept a chicken heart alive for twenty-nine years, and it seemed it would go on 'forever', as long as he continued to do those two things. When he failed to wash away tissue excretions in a timely manner, he would notice that the cells had lower vitality and increased deterioration. The heart finally 'died' when a co-worker failed to clean away the excretions.

In a human scenario, drinking a wide variety of vegetable juices could be seen as ta method of supplying the needed nutrients for the human body and cleansing the colon is an ideal method for clearing away the waste. When you eat more food than is actually needed by the body, this will cause deterioration in the long-run, and hence... Aging...

OH MY GOD!!!! If this doesn't convince you that Juicing and Colon Hydrotherapy are two of THE most beneficial things for the Human Organism, then NOTHING will!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-P

In February sometime, I feel we are going to discuss the question of, 'can we get everything needed by the body on a 100% Raw Food Diet?' I am extremely excited about the upcoming articles that will be coming out in my future Newsletters. They are just sitting in my head ready to burst out... :-)

Lastly, I wanted to share with you this beautiful email that I just recieved in my inbox yesterday from a LOVELY Lady customer :-):

Dearest Matt,
ss I can't tell you how pleased I have been with all of your wonderful products and exceptional service. You and Angela have been truly inspirational for me during my transition toward a raw food diet. I must say though, that my last order completely knocked my socks off! I just made raw chocolate bars using the Truly Raw Cacao powder that I ordered from your site. WOW! I can't believe the difference between it and all of the other cacao powders that I have tried in the past, and trust me, I have tried many. This cacao is so incredibly delicious, and it feels alive in my mouth! The creamier texture, on top of the rich flavor, is to die for! I ordered cacao from you quite some time ago (I am not sure which brand), but for some reason or another, I tried other
brands over the last two years and nothing comes close to Truly Raw Cacao.

Thank you so much for proving to me once again that you are a dedicated, trustworthy, and passionate leader in The Raw Food World.

With much love and gratitude,

If you missed the article 'Is Raw Chocolate Truly Raw?', you can just click the link here to read it...and if you are interested in purchasing these unique cacao products, click HERE.

Learn more


The OCA's work is dependent on your donations. We need to help us continue being successful in our campaigns for health, justice and sustainability.

Please send your tax deductible donation today! http://www.organicconsumers.org/donations.cfm

Learn more: http://www.organicconsumers.org/monlink.cfJoin the Organic Consumer Association

RCD's VIDEO pics of the month
American Solder Speaks The Truth about the reality of our wars

View Directly CLICK HERE

13 yr old pleads for a better future

View Directly CLICK HERE

Many more amazing, informative and essential movies for free here:

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