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Quote Of The Month

Ability is what you're capable of doing.
Motivation determines what you do.
Attitude determines how well you do it.

Raymond Chandler

Recipe Of The Month

Marinated Super Food Mushrooms

Mix in a Mixing Bowl:
6   Shitake
2 sm Portobello
2   scallion chopped
Slice and combine in a large mixing bowl.
Add in:
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp Nama Shoyu
1 tbsp garlic minced
1 tbsp ginger minced
1 tbsp Cordycepts Powder
Mix Well and let marinate for minimum of 1hr.

Serve room temp as a side or topping to another dish.

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One Of The Top Super foods On The Planet

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July Events & Classes

Gourmet Authentic Raw Thai Dinner ------------------ $85
Saturday June 26th 2pm - 4:30pm

8 Course Menu
TBA upon my return

This is a Gourmet Set Menu Dinner created fresh from my trip to Thailand

Maximum seating 8 people
so book now or you will not
get a seat.

To guarantee your seat Register NOW!

How Many People
raw food classes

Class ------------------------ Thai Class -------------------- $60
Sunday June 27th 2pm - 5:00pm

Exact Dishes will be listed upon my return from Thailand

This is a demo class.
Watch learn eat everything I make

Maximum seating 14 people
so book now or you will not
get a seat.

To guarantee your seat Register NOW!

July Classes
raw food

My B-Day ------- RCD Birthday Dinner Party ------ $40
Friday July 9th 8pm - 12am

This will will be a Raw Buffet of my special creations with Ice Creams, Cones and Cake for dessert, of course!

This will be held in my space with back yard at 261 E 10th St #1C


Certification Training's
Home Prep & Chef Mastery Programs

taught by Raw Chef Dan of Quintessence Restaurant NYC

Early Summer 2010

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Raw Chef Mastery Certification
Earlybird registration

Five Day Workshop -- $2,200.00
July 13th - 16th 11am -5pm

Enroll Now And
Pay Only $18,000

Cash in on the earlybird price available.
Register now because this page could go away soon.

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I served the leftovers to my husband and my parents this evening and they were blown away!
I also made the ice cream from scratch from maple syrup, ice, cashews, vanilla and black currant juice and it was yummy!
My father was also amazed at how much the tzaziki tasted like the real thing and
raw chef classes
was intrigued by the raw caviar. My mom was crazy about the butternut squash spaghetti and wants to get the tool to make it with. Thanks again for everything-it's amazing how much I've learned in the past 5 days with your training! I'm really looking forward to posting about this on my blog soon!


Home Chef Certification Course
Earlybird Registration

Three Day Workshop -- $1,600.00
July 22nd - 24th

Enroll Now And
Pay Only $12,000

Cash in on the earlybird price available.
Register now because this page could go away soon.

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For Class info CLICK HERE
To hear what students have to say about the course
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Raw Chef Dan's Tip Of The Month

Get Involved

There is a huge shift in human consciousness coming for the human race. It has already started as the collapse of the current system unfolds before us the collective mind set will determine the direction or our next move.
The more of us there are in the conscious community teaching, sharing and contributing, the more powerful our vote in the cosmos. Join in, partake and be part, add to the totality of the higher consciousness of life on Earth.
* June 19th * Simply Raw Festival * Ottawa, Canada *
This fabulous free festivals is one of our favourites ;) An all-day park-based event with talks, booths and lots of love... http://www.simplyraw.ca

* July 2nd-4th * Fresh Food Festival * Lolland, Denmark
Fresh fruits and greens, exercise outside in the sun, talks, food demos and more :)

* July 24th-25th * Raw Food Health Expo * Santa Rosa, California *
This will be the second year or this vibrant little festie hosted by John Kohler. Speakers, booths, farmers' market and more... http://www.rawhealthexpo.com

* July 30th - August 1st * RåkostFestivalen * Jarna, Sweden
Speakers, workshops, food demos, live music and more in the beautiful Swedish summer ;)

* July 31st * Bliss Fest * Parkville, Missouri *
A celebration of conscious living, music, food, vendors, speakers in a beautiful park setting :) http://www.blissfestkc.com

* August 16th-22nd * Ronora Juice Feast and Raw Fest * Watervliet, Michigan *
A fresh and juicy raw celebration in the mid-west: a 4-day Juice Feast followed by a 3 day raw festival - fun :) http://www.RonoraLodge.com

* August 26th-29th * Raw and Living Spirit Retreat * Molalla, Oregon *
Raw food talks, camping, food demos, community, drum circle, wild food walks, live music, reiki, laughter yoga and more... http://www.rawandlivingspirit.org

* August 27th-29th * Vibrant Living Expo * Fort Bragg, California *
The 6th annual celebration of all things raw and beautiful at the Living Light Culinary School in N. Cal... http://www.rawfoodchef.com

* Sept 24th-26th *
Raw Spirit Festival * Prescott, Arizona *
The 6th Annual Raw Spirit Fest is centred back in AZ this year and will surely be a raw mixture of talks, demos, food, music and fun... http://www.RawSpiritFest.com

* Sept 25th * Festival Of Life * London, England *
The 7th annual Festie of Life in London - vendors, live music, amazing food, talks, packed house, lots of love :) http://www.festivaloflife.net
News On The Forefront

Take Action: Keep Nanotech Ingredients Out of Organic Food!

The USDA National Organic Program's advisory panel, the National Organic Standards Board, will be meeting in California at the end of this month. OCA political director Alexis Baden-Mayer will be presenting testimony at the meeting. It is essential that we back up OCA's position to ban nanotechnology from organic production with as many letters from OCA members as possible.

raw food organic
This is a huge public health and environmental issue. Will the USDA permanently ban nanotech ingredients from organic food and products, or will they leave the door open to this new, dangerous, unregulated technology, with the power to literally change matter at the atomic or electron level?

Learn more
Take Action

Take Action:
Still Time to Save Local & Organic Farming from
One-Size-Fits-All Food Safety Bill

In the next few weeks, the U.S. Senate is expected to vote on a sweeping overhaul of federal food safety law
S. 510.
The House food safety bill passed last year (HR 2749) included several measures that threaten small-scale organic producers, including a registration fee of $500
and blanket application of complicated monitoring and traceability standards - regardless of farm size.


Read More & Take Action

Silica / Understanding Micro Plant Powder

This is a hard mineral food and 99% of Micro Plant Powder goes right through the body in a cleansing detoxification process.

These fresh water single cell microscopic plants are found in fresh water beds west of the Mississippi and found under the zeolite beds. These one celled plants form a hard casing around themselves and over many years drop to the bottom of the fresh water beds. They accumulate into a compound solid form that consists of 89% or more of pure SILICA surrounded by oxygen molecules and including all basic minerals of potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc. The effect they have on the body is incredible. Remember if the body is given the proper nutrients, it will heal itself.

That is the way God made our bodies to heal and regenerate themselves for a healthier lifestyle. When we talk about silica we are talking about the basics of human life; fifty years ago silica was present in our food supply. Today we only receive approximately 30% in our foods because it is not in our soil.
Read On - http://www.hempusa.org/pages.php?pID=32&CDpath=0

Breaking News!
What Did This 10-Year, 13-Nation Study Discover About Brain Cancer and Cell Phones?

People who use cell phones for at least 30 minutes a day over the course of 10 years have a greater risk of developing brain cancer, according to a landmark study from the World Health Organization.

The chance of developing a malignant tumor is increased by more than a third with prolonged use.


According to the Times Online:

“The outcome of the 10-year Interphone study —--the largest of its kind, compiling research from 13 countries -- has been eagerly anticipated by both the phone industry, which contributed substantially to its funding, and campaigners who warn of radiation risks from handsets.”


Source: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/06/03/new-large-major-study-links-cell-phones-to-brain-cancer.aspx

Your Identity Is On It's Way To Argentina

Watch CBS News Videos Online


OCA's Quote of the Week:
Genetically Modified (GM) Foods Cause Sterility

"We failed to get cubs from these pairs, which were fed with GM foodstuffs. It was proved that these pairs lost their ability to give birth to their cubs."

-Dr. Alexei Surov, a Russian biologist describing the results of a study of hamsters fed genetically modified soy for two years over three generations. By the third generation, most the hamsters lost the ability to have babies. The pups who were born suffered slower growth and a high mortality rate. Inexplicably, some grew fur inside their mouths (click the link below for pictures).

GMO risk
Read More

Hammy the Hamster Goes Organic

If you need a pick-me-up after learning the depressing news that GMO-fed hamsters become sterile, have higher rates of infant mortality, and have cubs that grow fur in their mouths, watch this terribly cute video that shows that, when not being force-fed GMOs by Russian biologists, hamsters will choose organic.


Source: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/dia/track.jsp?v=2&c=VV24WN57wskoohkwj3prp/Eapanv7Qri


The OCA's work is dependent on your donations. We need to help us continue being successful in our campaigns for health, justice and sustainability.

Please send your tax deductible donation today! http://www.organicconsumers.org/donations.cfm

Learn more: http://www.organicconsumers.org/monlink.cfJoin the Organic Consumer Association

There are more of us
than there are of them

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RCD's VIDEO pics of the month
Is Sugar The New Enemy Of Health?

View Directly CLICK HERE

Energetic Sensory and Health

"New Treatment Helps Cancer Without Drugs: Why Hasn't the FDA Approved it?"
Cancer patients have experienced healing with this treatment which has been approved by the German equivalent of the FDA. When this treatment will be available in the US is another matter...

Many more amazing, informative and essential movies for free here:

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