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Hollow everyone. Welcome to the Sept 07 Newsletter from Raw Chef Dan
Sorry I am a little late this month as the holiday weekend has had me swamped. I have been catering private lunches for Jill Stuart and will continue throughout the week i.e. Fashion Week NYC.
I also did a Video shoot last month with renowned health expert Garry Null. He is producing a show for PBS about food and how it affects your health and your life. It should air before the end of the year. I’ll keep you posted.
I have many great things in the works from giant raw food buffet dinners, informative webcast to amazing classes at Live Live. Sunday the 23rd I will be doing a very special Raw Food for Beginners Class. So all you who need a comprehensive introduction to preparing Raw Food this class is for you. Hope to see you there. I also want to apologize for the absence of last week’s Tip Of The Week as I have just been too backed up with work to get to it. This week I will get it posted for you I promise. Peace and Gratitude Raw Chef Dan

GO Raw Prep Classes Sept 9th The Dehydrator Class
GO Raw Prep Classes Sept 23rd Raw Prep for Beginners
GO Suggestion Box I want to here from you!
GO Webcast coming Sign up here I am planning a chat with international model / Raw Foodiest Anina on eating staying young, vibrant, clear, full of energy and looking beautiful.
Also Emma Peter specialist and rep for glyconutrients, the newest in filling a huge void in our nutritive needs.
GO Gourmet Raw Buffet Sept 29th NJ
Point Pleasant Beach
A full buffet served of all Raw gourmet organic dishes prepared and hosted by Raw Chef Dan
GO Gourmet Raw Buffet Oct 6th NY
South Hampton
A full buffet served of all Raw gourmet organic dishes prepared and hosted by Raw Chef Dan
GO Gourmet Raw Buffet Oct 29th PA
A full buffet served of all Raw gourmet organic dishes prepared and hosted by Raw Chef Dan
GO Health Tip
It's in your food
An ingredient in the curry spice turmeric
may help suppress and destroy a blood cancer, early lab research shows--suggesting yet another health benefit from this long-heralded substance.

New Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio has just produced an amazing documentary. The 11th Hour
GO Environmental Hazard Alert. A single fluorescent light contains enough mercury to contaminate 6,000 gallons
GO Food for thought

Comment from Raw Summit http://renegadehealth.com/blog/

GO Where we stand The Raw Almond Issue
GO The Codex War Fighting for food freedom
GO OCA News My choice stories and links to more
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Raw Food Prep Class
Raw Chef Dan
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Sunday Sept 9th
Maximizing your Dehydrator

  • Crackers
  • Cookies
  • Marinated Veggies
  • Muffins / Biscuits
  • Cakes

Sunday Sept 23rd Beginners Class

Easy food and basic info for the newbie to start making food at home.

To be held at
Live Live
261 E 10th St NY NY 10009
212 505-5504

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Gourmet Living Foods Buffet Dinners

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Quintessence Restaurant NYC

Grab a plate and line up for the best, freshest, most amazing raw delights ever.
Coming soon to an area near you!

To schedule a raw buffet in your home contact Raw Chef Dan at rawchefdan@yahoo.com
Saturday Sept 29th in Point Pleasant Beach NJ
Details Here
Saturday Oct 6th in South Hampton NY Details Here
Saturday Oct 27th in Royersford PA Details Here

Cucumber Salad
Slice Cucumbers and Red Onion and toss them into a mixing bowl. Now drench all with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, a dash of Olive oil, a pinch of Sea Salt and minced fresh Dill . Toss and let sit 1 hr. Top with Capers if you like. I also like a splash of Lemon Juice to give it just a little extra zest..
For more tasty recipes visit http://www.rawchefdan.com/recipestore/recipe_home.html

News on the Forefront

More Evidence Curry Ingredient May Fight Cancer
By Alison McCook

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - An ingredient in the curry spice turmeric
may help suppress and destroy a blood cancer, early lab research
shows--suggesting yet another health benefit from this long-heralded

Turmeric is a common ingredient in Indian food and yellow mustard. Its
active ingredient is curcumin, which gives turmeric its yellow color.

Adding curcumin to human cells with the blood cancer multiple myeloma,
Dr. Bharat B. Aggarwal of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer
Center in Houston and his colleagues found, stopped the cells from
replicating. And the cells that were left died. Although the study did
not test the benefits of curcumin in patients, previous research has
shown the substance may fight other types of cancers, Aggarwal told
Reuters Health.

Studies have also shown that curcumin, even in large quantities, does
not produce any known side effects in humans, the researcher noted.
Based on this evidence, Aggarwal recommended that people with cancer
should try to eat more curcumin, if possible. " Whichever way you can
take it, as much as possible," he said.

Aggarwal added, however, that further research is needed to determine
how much curcumin people need to get the most benefits. Previous
laboratory research has shown that curcumin may have antioxidant and
anti-inflammatory properties, as well as treat and prevent cancer.

Studies in the lab and in animals also suggest that the compound might
help heal wounds and fight Alzheimer's disease (news - web sites) and
multiple sclerosis.

Patients with multiple myeloma are in particular need of new
treatments, Aggarwal and his colleagues point out in their report in
the journal Blood. Once diagnosed with this blood cancer, patients
typically live between two and three years. During the current study,
the researchers added curcumin to a sample of human cells with
multiple myeloma, and observed how the substance influenced the
progression of the cancer.

In an interview, Aggarwal explained that curcumin appears to block the
activity of a "light switch" called nuclear factor kappa-B (NF-
kappaB). When turned on, he said, NF-kappaB appears to then turn on
many genes linked to cancer. Examining the multiple myeloma cells
before adding the curcumin, the authors found that virtually all
contained activated forms of NF-kappaB.

After adding curcumin, however, NF-kappaB activity was inhibited, the
multiple myeloma cells no longer replicated and the remaining cells
died, Aggarwal said.

Aggarwal explained that it is somewhat difficult to study the effects
of curcumin in a large number of patients because these experiments
cost a lot of money. Funding for similar research is often provided by
a company that stands to benefit if the tested treatment works;
however, in the case of curcumin, a natural compound, no company can
reap the benefits if turmeric shows itself to be an effective anti-
cancer drug, he said.

However, Aggarwal said that he hopes the new findings and previous
research suggesting curcumin's benefits inspire other researchers to
continue investigating its properties. If curcumin is, in fact, an
effective and safe treatment for cancer, studying it further can only
be a "win-win situation," Aggarwal predicted.

New Movie
As you know, the Earth is moving closer to several negative "tipping points" that could -- within as little as 10 years -- make it virtually impossible for us to avoid irretrievable damage to the planet's habitability for human civilization. That is one of the reasons why it is urgent we take action as soon as possible.
My friend Leonardo DiCaprio has just produced an amazing documentary on this subject. The film was created using over 150 hours of interviews with some of the brightest minds on the planet, including physicist Stephen Hawking and Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai. Moreover, Leo himself is very eloquent and persuasive in this movie. I recommend it highly.
Through interviews and beautiful footage of the environment, The 11th Hour demonstrates how human beings have created the climate crisis and related environmental crises, and shows that we have the means to solve them.
The 11th Hour is both a portrait of a planet and a source of hope and solutions.
I hope that you will go to see this important film. You can find out if The 11th Hour is playing near you by visiting:

Dear readers

As consumers rush to adopt energy efficient lighting through the use
of Compact Fluorescent Lamps, no one is telling them the truth about the
dangerous levels of mercury in these lights. A single fluorescent light
contains enough mercury to contaminate 6,000 gallons of fresh water. If you
break one in your home, you'll release mercury vapor and require a hazardous
materials cleanup that can cost you $2,000 or more. The mercury in
fluorescent lights is poisoning landfills and underground water reservoirs
all across the country, and the more people keep buying these
mercury-containing lights, the more toxic the environment will get.

Today's feature story tells the shocking truth about what consumers aren't
being told: There's mercury in compact fluorescent lights, and mercury is
one of the most neurotoxic substances known to modern science. Simply
breaking a single fluorescent light in your home can expose you and your
family to dangerously high levels of this heavy metal that has been linked
to autism, Alzheimer's disease, birth defects, learning disabilities,
behavioral disorders and accelerated neurological degeneration.

Read today's story for the full scoop. (See below.)

FULL DISCLOSURE DISCLAIMER: Out of frustration over all the mercury found in
fluorescent lights (plus the enormous waste of energy from
using incandescent lights), I recently founded , a manufacturer of mercury-free energy
efficient lighting products based on LED technology.
I do have a financial stake in the success of LED lighting
products, but more importantly, I have a strong humanitarian interest in
helping consumers avoid toxic mercury exposure while saving money and the
environment through energy-efficient lighting. We've recently added a new
line of more affordable LED lights, all of which are 100% mercury free and
use only 10% of the energy consumed by regular light bulbs. Regardless of
whether LED lighting is right for you, please think twice before buying
fluorescent lights -- they ALL contain mercury. They are extremely toxic to
the health of humans and the environment. If you do buy fluorescent lights,
please, please dispose of them properly, through mercury recycling centers
(if you can even find one in your community).

Compact fluorescent light bulbs contaminate the environment
with 30,000 pounds of mercury each year
A compact fluorescent light is a type of energy-saving bulb that fits into a
standard light bulb socket or plugs into a small lighting fixture, and right
now, compact fluorescents seem to be gaining in popularity. But did you know
they can also be toxic...

To your health, Mike Adams


I received this in my email box just the other day and felt I wanted to share it with you. If you are aware of the week long online Raw Summit last month you may have heard some of the amazing speakers. Many thought came up for me Like "Claims to fame, Ramped missing or miss information and the focused on food as a drug rather than Processed foods as a poison. I will be blogging on this myself soon enough but I found this post to have hit on some of my very thoughts. Check it out for your self.

Raw Comment from Raw Summit http://renegadehealth.com/blog/

P.S. Almonds are now in the pasteurization mode

The good Folks at Living Nut are now importing Raw Almonds and offering them to you at a reasonable price.

"We are now importing all of our almonds from Europe. They are all truly raw, unpasteurized and 100% organic. We are selling them in bulk for $8.65 per pound. That is $216.25 per 25 lb box and we pay shipping on any amounts."

Thank you gents!!!!!!!!!! To find out what they can do for you. Click Here

One fight we all must stay involved with is the fight to keep free choice in our food availability and consumption. The Codex Alimentarius has an agenda to control all the food on the planet and they are working at it very hard. So much has already been achieved and we don't even know about it. Tune in, turn on and speak up. We need our freedom to choose. The Other fight is to ask the law makers to enforce the health codes and regulations to the huge factory food industry. Their mistakes are forcing the FDA to impalement more restriction and regulation that destroy our food freedom.
Minerva Novoa
Minerva signs off
Minerva Novoa,
Internet Advocacy Coordinator

Dear Reders Last week, Congress received more than 71,000 emails from consumers across the country demanding safer products and food. Help us build on this incredible momentum for change -- they need to hear from as many of us as possible!

With recall after recall -- its time for Congress to stop toxic food and hazardous products before they cross the border! Don’t let this problem get swept under the rug.  We have created a fun way to spread the word!


On August 19, the New York Times exposed the USDA for shortchanging organic programs. Journalist Andrew Martin pointed out that the National Organic Program, which regulates the entire organic industry, has just nine staff members and a puny annual budget of $1.5 million. In contrast, the New York Times went on to describe how chemical-agribusinesses have individually received more than that in subsidies, including $1.7 million in subsidies given to a single mega-farm in Florida.

The article goes on to point out that the USDA (whose annual budget is $100 billion) spent $28 million on organic agriculture programs last year, which may sound like a lot, but, in comparison, the agency spent $37 million subsidizing farmers who grew dry peas last year. As a note of reference on those numbers, consumers spend only $83 million a year on dry peas, whereas consumers spent almost $17 billion last year on organic food. The New York Times noted, "It's not entirely surprising that organics are such a low priority at the department and in Congress. Both the agency and farm-state members of Congress are reliable cheerleaders for industrialized agriculture, and Big Ag has often viewed organics with suspicion, if not outright disdain."

Learn more and get active: http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_6710.cfm


A new study in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine indicates that the annual $10 billion the food and beverage industry is spending on advertising foods to kids is working alarmingly well.

The study found that four out of five kids preferred the flavor of foods served in McDonalds packaging as compared to the exact same foods served in packaging without the McDonalds brand. By the time they are two years old, children may already have beliefs about certain brands, and by the age of six they can recognize brands and specific brand products. Not surprisingly, the study found that kids with more televisions in the home had stronger preferences for brands. The authors suggested this study strengthened the justification for tighter regulation or banning of advertising and marketing of high calorie, low nutrient food and drink, and perhaps a ban on all marketing that is aimed at young children.
Learn more and take action in OCA's "Appetite for a Change" campaignc.cfm

Join the Organic Consumer Association

Did You Know
View Directly at http://www.youtube.com/v/GIqk4agzKPE

Deconstructing The Myth Of AIDS with (Gary Null)
 View Directly at http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=3983706668483511310&hl=en

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