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Message From Raw Chef Dan

Welcome to the Sept 08 edition of my Newsletter . Yes I am home and back in full swing. There is much on the horizon for rawchefdan.com so stayed tuned. In the mean time please continue to enjoy the huge archive of goodies in the:
Tip Of The Week, Newsletters, Free Recipes Page, YouTube Videos
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Thank you and check in frequently this Sept I have some really cool stuff coming soon.

Quote Of The Month

Failure cannot cope with persistence.

T. Harv Eker
Secrets Of A Millionaire Mind

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Raw Chef Certification Courses

I have an excellent announcement. I will be offering my uniquely credited certification workshops mid Oct 08. My class is taught with my 9 years raw food restaurant experience and over 7 years teaching and training. My expertise’s as an innovator and pioneer of the raw food movement is unique and highly exclusive. There are only a hand full of raw restaurants in the world none of which have the time and rich history of Quintessence. I have only taught my certification course privately and this will be my first offering of such an experience. If you have any plans of taking training in raw food prep and you want it from a working professional, my class is it.

Schedule Change Please Take Note
Fall Schedule is as follows:

Oct 10th – 12th
Oct 17rd – 20th
Oct 21th & 22th

The Raw Food Preparation Mastery Program $1,200.
The Life Food Chef Mastery Program $1,500.00
The Raw Chef Instructors’ Course.  $800.00

See my website for registration and details http://www.rawchefdan.com/raw_chef_dan/certification.html

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Pasty Shaper Tools and Recipe Booklet

My On-Line Raw
Prep Classes Have Been "Incredible"

Watch the whole class clear and up close. Downloaded the recipes then follow along with the video and Power Point slides

Join upcoming classes and participate live, text in your questions and get my answerers right then or visit the archive and check out the classes you missed.


Indian Dinner All Veggie Class Mexican Feast Thai Dinner
Donut Peaches and Green Apple in
Apple Pecan Cream

First blend one green apple and 2 tbls honey or agave to a liquid in your blender. Then add 1/2 cup chopped pecan, 1/4 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp flax seed oil. Bend to an apple sauce texture. You may need to add a bit of water to aid in blending.

Now pour the cream into a deep dish plate and slices of fresh peaches (I love the Donut Peaches) and Zesty Green Apple wedges alternating between the two. Serve cream chilled.

For full raw food prep classes visit this link
News On The Forefront
Raw Chef Dan's Tip Of The Month
The most common eating mistake?

Eating late at night!

Don’t Eat Late.
This weeks Tip OF The Week is more of a health tip than a food prep tip. It tackles an issue that we sometime seemingly have no control over and at other times seemingly has control over us. Eating late or eating before lying down to sleep.  The workaholic a never takes the time to sit down and really enjoy a meal. Then there are those who have late night binges raiding the refrigerator late at night.  Those who do not eat properly during the day end up gorging themselves at night.  Most of us never give much thought to when we eat. We just eat when food is around or a “meal time” is upon us. Lunch break at work, dinner with friends all not always the best time to eat or you may not even really need to eat, it’s just that’s what is happening so you go along. Besides you might not get a chance to eat later so you better eat now right? The fact is we are much better off going the few extra hours without eating than it is to eat when you don’t need it. An empty stomach is much easier on the body than a stomach filling up with new food before it has full processed the last meal.

Read the Rest of my article here

OCA's Alert of the Week:
Millions Against Monsanto: Time to Step It Up

In the last edition of Organic Bytes we celebrated our common victory over Monsanto: the Biotech Behemoth's announcement that it was "divesting" or selling off its controversial genetically engineered animal drug, recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). With Monsanto's stock price and reputation wobbling, now is the time to advance, to move forward and aggressively block Monsanto's assault on consumers, the environment and democracy.

  • ***Did you know that Monsanto contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to elected officials and spends millions in lobbying?
    Contact your legislators and tell them to say NO to Monsanto's Dirty Money
  • ***Did you know that almost 100 million pounds of Monsanto's best selling herbicide, RoundUp, are applied to gardens and lawns each year, accounting for $1 billion dollars in sales?  Home Depot is the United States and Canada's largest home improvement chain and a major vendor of RoundUp.
  • ***Sign OCA's petition to Home Depot. Tell Home Depot's CEO Frank Blake: Do the Right Thing, Dump Monsanto!
Learn more and take action
How Climate Change is Destroying the American West
  • In 1910 there were 150 glaciers at Glacier National Park; now there are 25.
  • Glacier National Park will have no more glaciers within ten years.
  • Southern California is home to 23 million people, all of whom are dependent on the Colorado River for the majority of their water needs.
  • Due to decreasing mountain snow melt in areas like Glacier National Park, the Colorado River, the primary water supply for seven states, will be unable to meet demands within FOUR YEARS.
  • An April Gallup Poll found that only one in three Americans are worried about Climate Change.

It's coming faster than you think: Learn more

Cow Feed now has Potato Chips and M&Ms


How Do You Know Which Sweet Corn is Genetically Modified?

An Organic Bytes reader sent OCS the following question: "It's harvest time, and corn is everywhere, including my local farm stand. I asked the farmer's wife if their corn was non-GMO, and she didn't seem to know. Could you shed some light on this in the next newsletter--whether most sweet corn for human consumption is GMO or not? "

OCA's Response: More than 70% of the corn grown in the U.S. is now genetically modified, but the overwhelming majority of this corn is grown for animal feed and ethanol. Among the marketing problems for the biotech companies is the fact that GMO "sweet corn" doesn't taste very good. The bottom line is that there is very little genetically engineered sweet corn being grown in the U.S. at the present time, so it is highly unlikely you will be running into this "Frankencorn" at your local farmer's market or natural food store.

Most farmers who grow GMO crops that re-seed, like corn, are aware that they are growing genetically engineered varieties, because Monsanto and the other GMO seed giants require a legal contract to be signed which prohibits the farmer from saving their seeds. And of course we can all be thankful (and vigilant) that genetic engineering is prohibited under national organic standards. In short, support your local and organic farmers and enjoy this year's sweet corn harvest!


The OCA's work is dependent on your donations. We need to help us continue being successful in our campaigns for health, justice and sustainability.

Please send your tax deductible donation today! http://www.organicconsumers.org/donations.cfm

Learn more: http://www.organicconsumers.org/monlink.cfJoin the Organic Consumer Association

RCD's VIDEO pic of the month
I came across this great video from TED.com on an excellent blog called Sustainability and Raw Food Blog
This is a video everyone need to see.
Send it to your friend and family, they will thank you!

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