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More On Inspirations

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Let’s talk about conversions for a minute.
There are 5 main senses when it comes to food recreating: look, smell, taste, texture and what I added is the sensation meaning the overall experience you get from eating the dish. Durian is a completely different experience than a Blended Green Soup.
Then there are the “Processed foods” that are called for in a recipe like: tomato paste, coconut milk, curry paste, fish sauce, shrimp paste, condensed milk… Many times you may need to make/create an ingredient before you can make the recipe. The fun thing about that is you can use that new ingreedient in other things and try other creations on your own. One such place this accurse is in a good Old Italian Tomato Sauce. Tomatoes, not a problem but Tomato paste? That’s something different. Cha-ching! we have sun dried tomatoes, live, enzyme loaded and packin lots of organic nutrients and flavor. Soak 2 cups Sun Dried Tomatoes in 3 cups water till they are nice and soft. Then Drain them and blend them to a paste in your blender. Whala, raw organic living tomato Paste. By the way save the tasty tomato soaked water because it is loaded with flavor. We can add it into the soup or use it as a dressing or sauce or something. Anyway now you have tomato paste. Then back to grandma’s recipe. The only thing really different here is we are going to blend it all

while grandma stewed it over a stove. Also we will be using all fresh organic produce, spices and herbs, organic cold pressed oils, and sea salt.
Asian foods often call for Fish Sauce. (Get recipe) ,This stuff is fishy, salty, and pungent. How to do that would be to blend Raw Nori Seaweed with Nama Shoyu Soy Sauce in water. Some times I add just a hint of onion for that pungent edge.  It is amazing how close it is to its process counterpart and how authentic your dishes start to taste when you use it. How about Thai Ice Tea? Man o Man have you got to try Thai Ice Tea. The problem I had with it before was it uses condensed milk, not to mention it taste like candy and at $8.00 a glass you are forced to go slow and savor the moment cause after two it gets pricy. So hers what you do: put 2 cups macadamia nuts in a powerful blender like a Vita Mix with ½ cup organic raw honey, ½ tsp sea salt and 1tbl vanilla and not the cheap stuff. If you’re going to use it, get something worth buying. You will add just enough water to get this to blend. You want it to end up some were between a paste and a cream. You will have needed to have brewed up some of that tasty Thai Ice Tea and be chilling that in the fridge. When you want a drink for every glass of tea you want to mix in enough Mac Cream till it is rich sweet and a milky orange ish brown. Man this stuff is good.

Texture is also a creative process. There is Juice what is completely liquid, then blending, slightly thicker or if you have a Vitamix you can even get as thick as a smooth pate. Then there is the food processor which is a slightly chunkier pate to up to a Salsa. Then there is dehydrating from mushy veggie balsl to burger to breads and dry as a crackers. That about covers the spectrum of possibilities. When I first was inspired to make a fish recipe I saw in a Spanish cookbook I thought well, the sauce looks easy but what should I use in place of fish. As it is, there is nothing in the fruit or vegetable domain that feels or taste like fish. But I could make something that has a sea food taste and apply the same spices and sauces. So I made a pate with sunflower seeds (sprouted), a couple of Brazil Nuts, and a little pine nut to butter it up. I flavored it with Dulse, 1 sheet of Raw Nori, a hint of onion, and sea salt. Then I place about ½ cup pate in the center of a sheet of Raw Nori and fold in into a longish triangle. Placed this folded side down on a dehydrator tray, drenched the top with garlic, Parsley, Olive oil and a sprits of lemon. In about 3 hrs they were tight, garlic oils coated warm and ready for my plate and a dousing of Spanish Salsa.
Yum Yum! Too bad I am on a fast or I would make this rite now. Play wit it, get creative and most of all have fun.

Till Next Week
Raw Chef Dan



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