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Trash to Treats Part 2
From the Bin to Bread

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So last week you did some cool cookie stuff and now this week we are going to make some savory stuff.

This works when you juice veggies like say for instance a green juice. A basic green juice for me would be 1 cucumber, 2 stalks celery, 2 Kale leafs and  1 apple to sweeten it just a bit. I would squeeze a little lemon in this juice as well but it will not be part of the pulp so I won’t count it as part of this recipe. It is after all the pulp we are looking for. So now we have a very green pulp. I have seen many things done with this stuff and it is all really great. You can simply mix this with about ¼ of its weight in flax meal. Salt to taste and then spread it out into whatever cracker shapes you want.


For crackers make sure you have a good amount of flax in there to ensure crispiness and spread it thin; 1/16” to 1/8”.
For bread cut back on the Flax meal and add some fats or oil to keep the bead from getting too crispy. You will want to spread it out about ¼ inch thick. Now you can really beef that up if you want.  The great thing about this at this point is the flavors are wide open. So I can make some nice South Of The Boarder chips if I put some chili powder, garlic and something savory like soy sauce, Braggs, Brine from your olives, capers… whatever. Get creative here because different salts can make totally different breads or crackers.

You can make an Herb Bread by adding some Dill and Rosemary. To get a slightly more buttery taste in there with the herbs put some Pine Nuts. Another fun thing to do with pulp like this is to blend in your food processor other flavors and bulking like ground walnut. Try grinding walnut and add it to the Pulp and Flax Meal, salt to tast. The Walnut will give the bread a nice warm flavor. Add Raisins and Cinnamon for a tasty Cinnamon Walnut Raisin.  Sweet breads also be made by adding in some raw Agave orraw Honey. Another way is to add chopped Dried Fruit like apricots and Lemon Zest. Throw in a hint of vanilla here a bam you got a tasty bread.
Play with this, have fun and don’t get hung up on exactness. Just do it.

Till Next Week
Raw Chef Dan



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