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Pate Pate Pate

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I love a good Pate and the funny thing is I don’t think that often of having some but when I do for whatever reason it is really enjoyable. There are many common pates in the raw food world like a moc Tuna salad, Sundried Tomato and Basil, Walnut Herb, Zucchini Dill, “Refried Beans”…  This is great because these recipes are easy to find and we often have some emotional triggers or attachments to them. It is a comfort food in the raw. One of the things I really like about a good pate is that it is so versatile; one batch of pate can go a long why. There are almost as many ways to eat pate as there are recipes. Not so common is my favorite way which is to cut an avocado in half, remove the pit and blob a big scoop of pate on top and then with a spoon just eat the pate and avocado out of the avocado shell.  But that is as simple as it gets other that just eating the pate with a spoon but that’s cheating; you’re not really serving up a pate dish. One could do much better by putting it into a wrap, make a sandwich on sprouted raw bread with avocado, tomato, lettuce, onion, and a dressing

of choice. I love the moc tuna salad stuffed in a large romaine leaf with avocado, tomato, cucumber strips, and a little sliced onion topped with mustard vinaigrette and a cashew mayo.  How about zucchini dill pate served on a leaf of butter lettuce and sliced Bartlett pears lightly drizzled with saffron cream sauce, dusted with nutmeg and chili powder. Pate can be used to stuff tomatoes, stuff bell peppers, stuff squash, stuff endive, dehydrated in a cracker recipe, added to burger recipes, added to a soup, used in nori rolls or sushi rolls, served with chips, spread on raw breads like crustini, top a burger, top a salad, add to a bowl of chili, layer it in a casserole, make a terrine or just serve with sliced vegetables.  They’re great for parties, they’re great for home and they travel well for work or a day out.  You didn’t know this did you? Now as for flavors and textures there really is no end. The combination of sprouted seed, nuts, veggies, dried veggies, sea weeds, herbs, spices, chili peppers, condiments like Nama Shoyu, Bragg Liquid Aminos and I even use olive brine, capper brine

or the water from soaking Sun dried tomatoes and from chipotle peppers it’s never ending. I mean if your board with what you’re eating then I suggest you bust out your food processor and start experimenting. Pate can be made chunky as would be so if you used a food processor and not to over blended. Pate can also be produced by chopping and mixing everything all together and pushing it through a champion or Green Star juicer. Another option is to blend it in a Vitamix blender using the tamper to push everything down into the blades.  This will give you the smoothest, creamiest results which is great with chips or in a terrine. Aside from the standards many more fun and exotic recipes like Thai lemongrass pecan pate or Mediterranean tomato ginger pate and my all time favorite is: pine nut, walnut,  spinach & onion with a hint of garlic and Nama Shoyu; unreal, it taste like a Greek spinach pie. So bust out the tools soak some nuts and go for it. There are recipes in every raw book, online for free and of course the best are from my catalog. Good luck and have fun.

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