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Raw Snacks At Home

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There are many raw snacks on the market these days. I have tried nearly all of them and I have to say that among the plethora of flax crakes and macaroons I’m not impressed. I think you can do much better at home for yourself with very little effort. I should probably start my own line of products but that’s another thing all together.
So anyway; let’s take a quick look at what is in these snacks your paying out the nose for.  There are basically three kinds of snacks:
1 flax crackers
2 bars / brownies / logs…
3 dehydrated treats like granola, cookies, more crackers, breads and the ever growing line of dry crunchier snack bars. I should actually add a 4th category for all the raw chocolates now coming to market.  I also separated Flax Crackers because they really are in their own market niche like potato chips are in the common market.  Flax Crackers are one of the most basic and first things you make as a raw food newbie. They are so simple it is only logical to start with them, once you get your hands on a dehydrator. Nothing could be easier; soak the seeds till they are sticky, add a little

salt, spread them out into cracker shapes and dehydrate till crispy. If you want to get fancy you can add spices and herbs to suit your taste buds, i.e. Garlic Ginger, Garlic , Cumin and Chili Powder, Sundries tomato and basil, chipotle and Bell Pepper, Sesame Seeds, Hemp Seeds…  I’ve even made sweet crackers with agave and cinnamon or apple juice and cinnamon. As with potato chips in the supermarket it is endless when it comes to flavors and flavor combinations.
Than not much more difficult and needs no dehydration is the soft bars like Brownies, Macaroons, “energy bars” and so on. Try this: Put in your food processor a handful of nuts like Pecans, add an equal amount of dried Coconut, another equal amount of dried black mission figs, a tsp vanilla flavoring and ½ tsp sea salt. Now blend it till it becomes sticky. You will know when it starts to form into 1 lump going around inside the food processor. Now it will hold whatever shape you squeeze it into. So what do you want; balls, bars, sticks? Roll them out, put them in the refrigerator and you have a ready to eat snack you made in

about 20 minutes that cost you 1/3 what you pay for the premade packaged one. AND you can make your own flavors.
Try this one on for size:
put in your food processor 1 cup Really Raw Cashews, 1 cup dried Turkish Apricots, 2 tbls vanilla, 2 tbls minced Lemon zest and 2 tbls minced fresh ginger. Blend and form into balls. Awesome! This is so easy you can even use up scarps and remnants from the pantry and fridge. It is fast as well as a quick "water rinse" cleanup. No fuss with washing up.

The same can be done adding sunflower seed, flax Seeds, Hemp Seed, Dried Coconut or other less oily ingredients and then dehydrate your bars till dry and chewy. You can also add fresh berries or chopped fruit into these and let them dehydrate into the bar. These treats travel well, taste amazing and easy to do. The same method can be used to make cookies and yes it is also a great pie crust.
So have fun, play with it and make your own treats. For more recipes check out my recipe catalog here

Till Next Week
Raw Chef Dan



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