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An Eye On Pie Part II

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This week I will continue to talk on filling your pies. We will pick up where I left off from last week’s Tip Of The Week. And if you are a new comer I was assuming at this point you know how to make a pie crust.
If you don’t, check out the free recipe page.
One if my favorite pies to make, and eat, is a cream pie. And one of the reasons I like it so much is that until I figured it out for myself, no one in raw foods was doing it. Quintessence debuted in 1999 with our now famous coconut cream pie. That started a whole new realization for raw chefs around the country, which there were only about 5 or 6 of us anyway. I had noticed when I blended the young coconut to a cream it would then thicken in the refrigerator. If cream sat over night it would be like pudding in the morning. I then played with blending the coconut meat with as little water as possible to get the thickest, smoothest, cream possible. This would create a solid mousse when refrigerated. It was fun to answer customers when they asked “What’s in the pie?” And I would say, Coconut. And they would say,

“I know that but what else?” And I would say, coconut! I mean how cool is that? How natural could it be; it’s just Coconut! So there you have it, Scrape the meat out of a young (Thai) coconut and blend it in your Vitamix blender to a cream using as little water as possible. Pour that into your pie crust and refrigerate till solid. That concept blew open the doors for me leading to all kinds of creams as pie filling. Pecan coconut cream, apple pecan cream, mango cashew cream, banana walnut, almond peach. You name it, I was doing it.
Later I discovered soaking dried fruit then when blending the rehydrated fruit they made excellent creams. Because it was dehydrated you can control the amount of water to create the thickness and consistence of your creams.
Dry Mango is a good example. Soak some dried mango till nice and soft. Now through that in your blender and blend adding only as much of the water as needed to get it to blend. It can take quite a bit but there is a point where you’re just making a Mango sauce.

Finally the layering of the various creams with various different chopped fresh fruits came along. Another option is to mix chopped fresh fruits and or berries into the cream and fill the pie with that. Try blending a mango cream and mixing in chopped pineapple and arrange wedges. WOW you will not believe the pie you get from that. That last evolution of this stage of pie making was to incorporate the nut crumble or in some cases granola. So how about a layer of sliced apples in agave and cinnamon, a layer of walnut raisin crumble and a top layer of Pecan Mousse topped with pomegranate seeds. Shredding fruit in your food processor or grater can work as well. Toss shredded apple and pear with walnut cream and fill your pie. Top that off with Chopped pecans or thin slices of apple.
The fact is it is endless. Go to your frig and take a look. Half a banana, a peach or mango, a handful of blueberries… So mash the banana and peach with a fork stir in with the blueberries and chopped mango. There is a fill right there. Go crazy, have fun!

Till Next Week
Raw Chef Dan



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