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Let’s talk Crackers.

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I know I have been on the snack foods thing for a while now but I have been doing a ton of it lately and want to share what has come up. So there are a ton of flax cracker out there. Some new companies some old steady one and I have to say that none have really done it for me until my buddy Rick came along. Rick came to my friend store Live Live with a cracker that is more than just a flax cracker, appropriately call Flax Snackers TM. They have flax, pistachios, pumpkin seed, tomato, Onion and other goodies in there to really give them flavor. The other thing this does in with the pistachio and pumpkin seed in there, they have a complex and very pleasant textures and chewing sensation.  This is something you can do at home to create and fill your snack table with a variety of tasty and divers treats.
So let’s jump in here. If you are not familiar with making flax crackers you will need a few things.

1: you need a dehydrator. This is what will dry your creations to a crispy treat.

2: Teflex or another non-stick sheets. This is what you spread your flax cracker

batter on the dry them in the dehydrator.

3: a fun loving attitude.

So there are two basic forms of flax Crackers. One is where the seeds are ground to a powder first and then ones where the seeds are left whole.  See my video Whole is usually more crispy and crunchy but they say you don’t get the full benefit of flax unless it is ground. I like half and half myself.
Then you need to choose between Golden Flax or Brown Flax Seeds. Golden is less bitter and brown in less expensive. If you are going to use strong flavors like garlic then brown will do just fine.
OK so in a coffee grinder of a blender grind 1cup flax to a powder. Dump that in a bowl and add 2 cups whole flax seeds, 3 cups water and 2 tsp sea salt.  Now it up to you, whatever you want can go in here. One of my all time favorites if the chop Sundried Tomatoes and basil very small and through that in. now I know what you’re going to say “how much do I out in?” Right? Well how much do you want to put in? How strong do you want the taste to be?  I like some in every bit so I put enough to see little red and green specs

throughout the batter.  It goes the same with the salt, mix it, taste it, if it is not strong enough put more in. I don’t know how strong or how salty you like your crackers to be. That is up to you.  The one thing you need to be aware of and that is to chop your Tomatoes small enough to really spread around in the cracker and for the ease of spreading the batter on the non-stick sheet.  So spread them on your Teflex sheet and dry them till crispy in your dehydrator.
Once you got this down you can go nuts with it. Chill powder, Cumin and Garlic, Lemon and Cilantro, I made some with ginger, soy sauce Japanese Aonoriko ,a dried seaweed and Shiso leaf. Those were really different and quite tasty. Try adding sprouted sunflower seed, hemp seeds, sesame seed, sliced almonds, Onion, Celery, Fresh Tomato, Bell Pepper. I made a Bell Pepper Chipotle and it was awesome. The basic message here is your crackers don’t need to be boring. They can have rich diverse flavors from all over the globe.

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Till Next Week
Raw Chef Dan



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