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Chopping Slicing and Dicing up tasty treats in just minutes

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Spring is here and with it returns a plethora of delicious garden delectables. To get a better look at what you have to play with, take a look at April’s growing season.

n = newly in season
p = peak of season
w = winding down

• artichokes (p)
• asparagus (p)
• avocado, Haas (n)
• beans, fava (n)
• beets (n)
• broccoli
• cabbages
• carrots
• celeriac / celery root
• chard (w)
• fennel
• garlic, green (w)
• greens: collards, dandelion, lettuces, nettles
• kale (w)
• leeks (w)
• mushrooms, morels (p)
• nopales
• onions, spring
• onions, sweet: Texas (n)
• peas: edible pod (p)
• peas: English/shelling (n)
• spinach (w)
• spring salad mix (p)

• grapefruit
• orange, navel (w)
• rhubarb, field (p)

I want to talk about chopping, slicing and dicing up a great dish. That’s right just a knife and a cutting board. With the spring weather the erg to eat light comes in to play. Also the idea of eating refreshing “sunshine filled” juicy food come to mind and that is perfect for raw food.

The juicier the better to flush out the body after the long winter of heavier filling foods. So let’s get chopping.Fruits and herbs can make wonderful mates. Take for instance an Italian dish with Blood orange here any orange is fine, Grapefruit, Fresh Mint leafs, Some Basil a dash of sea salt and a drizzle of olive Oil. Squeeze a little lemon juice in there can be quite nice as will. If you want it sweeter a drizzle of honey or agave can work. Toss it all together and eat it.

There is a dish I like to make this time of year that hits this right on the head. I call it my herbed Apple Rhubarb Salad

First you will need to get your hand s on some Rhubarb and if you can some exotic herb like Lemon Thyme or Lemon basil, Mint will work or even Thai basil.  Now chop even portions of rhubarb, Celery, Apple, Fennel Bulb, Red Onion. Now add in chopped Parsley and your exotic like lemon thyme. Toss it all together with a dash of sea salt, Olive oil and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.  This is so good and like nothing you have ever had and it only took a knife and cutting board.

This is a real good style to get a handle on; simply chopping veggies and tossing them with sea salt and oil flavoring them with herbs and spices. Mexican standard. Slicing up a cucumber drench it in Lime Juice and sprinkle them with Cayenne. I like to add some thinly sliced Jalapenos’ on top and bam. What a great cooling snack.

Another simple yet very tasty dish is slicing lengthwise some Asparagus. Now toss them with minced Red Onion, minced Garlic, Sliced almonds, Soy Sauce and Oil of your choice. I like Austria’s Finniest Pumpkin Seed oil. Just let this sit for an hour or so and serve at room temp. Wow, simply divine.  Try chopping Collard Greens with really thinly sliced leak and toss with coconut butter, dried coconut and sea salt. If you like a little Garlic and or Ginger is a great addition. The point here is chopping slicing and dicing up fresh seasonal produce and spicing them up can make some amazing dishes. I also like the Apple vinegar, Lemon, or lime in the spring for the cleansing properties and the “Sunny” zestiness of them on my food.
Till Next Week
Raw Chef Dan



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