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Fast Track to Great Meals

So you get home from work, it has been a long day, you're hungry and you don’t feel like spending an hour in the kitchen whipping up a gourmet meal. Sound familiar? You want to eat and maybe even something a little special. After all it’s was a hard day at work and you deserve it right?
What to do what to do?
So I am here this week to help you set yourself up for quick, easy and delectable meals in a flash.
The first thing you need to focus on (that is after you have done the Preparing for Preparing I taught you last week) is to stock the fridge with “ready to go” items. Then you need to have a handful of “dish styles” that can be applied to what you have in the fridge.

Salads as a side or a meal can be quite tasty and satisfying especially if you have some rather crafty toppings. One quick topping that works in many applications is the ever so yummy “caramelized” foods like walnuts, almonds, onions, sunflower seeds, or shallots to name a few.
This is not only quit easy to do but also very tasty. Simple mix about 3 tbls Raw Soy Sauce with 4 tbls raw Agave or Honey in a small mixing bowl.

Now toss your walnut, sliced onions or whatever you want completely coating them with the mixture. Now Spread them on a dehydrator sheet and dehydrate till they are dry and crispy. Onions and Shallots can be removed from the dehydrator while they are still slightly soft.

Place these tasty morsels in a tight lid container and store in your fridge till you need them. You may end up eating them all just as a snack but try and save some for your meals. You can also add spice if you want to vary the taste. A little garlic and ginger make a nice Teriyaki while garlic and chili powder adds a tasty Mexican twist.

Now toss them on your Salads, garnish veggie dishes or put them in your wraps.

Another great meal starter is a good Pate. Choose any Pate recipe you like (I like my Mock Tuna Salad) Once you have a batch stored in an air tight container you have about three days a “reach and grab” ready to eat item that can be fashioned into many simple or elaborate meals. Try a big scoop of pate on your salad and see what happens

I like to throw a little mock tuna salad into a crisp romaine lettuce leaf with avocado, tomato and a quick mix of: Apple Cider Vinegar, water, Mustard Powder, Agave and a pinch of salt. (Mustard Vinaigrette)

You can also pull out ½ cup of pate and add chopped veggies like tomato celery, bell pepper, cucumber, onions and stuff it into a half of an avocado or two half’s of tomato. Scoop out the centers and chop them into the pate. You can drizzle your stuffed tomatoes with the mustard or any other dressing you like and serve with a side salad and BAM! a great meal in 5 minutes.

Another great topping for your salads is that left over “Marinated Veggies” from yesterday. Now soft and full of flavor just toss them in or throw on top to turn your salad up a notch.

I have a lot more coming so check in next
Till next week
Raw Chef Dan



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