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Leftovers to Gourmet Part 1

Those bloody leftover, what to do with them. You can just grab a spoon and dig into your leftover pate or that ¼ cup a macadamia nut cheese but that is so boring and certainly not enough for a meal.
I don’t know about you but I always seem to have uneaten portions of things in my fridge. I have a habit of making too much stuff when creating a dish that uses multiple elements, inevitably leaving me with a dab of this and a cup of that. Other times I end up with quite useful byproducts is marinades or marinated foods like mushroom, squashes or broccoli for instance. So what do you do when it’s not enough to dine on and too much to through out. Well I can honestly say that some of my best meals have been thrown together from leftovers.


Well there are several tricks to creating with what’s hanging around sense yesterday. One of which I talked about in last week’s Tip Of The Week and that is marinating vegetable.

Often when creating Salads, following recipes that call for ½ of an onion, ¼ of a bell pepper… we end up with left over veggies. Well that is fine if you want to just throw them on your next salad, which is one good way but if you want to vary your meals, try this. Chop your veggie fragments into bite size pieces and toss them in olive oil garlic, cumin, chili powder and sea salt. Let that sit for about an hour or two and see what you have now.

Vary that with Italian herbs, Thai spices or whatever “leftover” herbs and spices you have hanging around.
What about that soup you had yesterday? Not enough for a meal? Let's put it back in your blender, add a thickener like Sun Dried Tomato, Avocado or Brazil Nuts and blend it into more of a gravy. Now pour that little bit into a deep dish or a bowl and put your marinated veggies in the center. Yum!

What else do you have? You can top that off with a spoon of Nut cheese, Pate, socked wild rice… You see now from seemingly nothing you have an amazing dish. Just try to add spices and herbs that bring all the leftovers into the same theme.

If you take some leftover veggies and add chili powder and cumin for a "south of the border" flavor you may want to add some garlic, chili powder and chipotle to your soup. That way The Veggies and the Soup go together. If you marinate your veggies in garlic ginger and soy sauce for an Asian flavor, you may want a sauce or soup that also features ginger, soy sauce.
Regular cook book and web site recipes can help guide you in ethnic flavoring and the use of herbs and spices. Try it and have fun.

Join me here next week for part two of using leftovers.

Till next week
Raw Chef Dan



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