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Leftovers to Gourmet Part 2

Those bloody leftover, what to do with them? As I said last week; you can just dig into your leftovers but that can be very boring and often not enough for a meal.
After preparing the meal we planed we often end up with a dab of this and a cup of that left to deal with. Last week I taught you about marinating left over veggies and serving them in a soup or gravy. This week we are going to use your scraps for blending tasty soups.
Soups are a great way to take in dense dose of nutrients packed with essential minerals & oils, proteins, vitamins. They are an enzyme rich, high alkaline living powerhouse.
And all you need is a blender to do it.

There are only a few key things to know when creating a good soup. So I’ll quickly cover the most important ones as best I can.

You will need a liquid for your base. Water works fine or you can use fresh juice.  If you just blend your veggies in the water or juice you may not get what you are looking for.
One reason is that it will quickly separate do to the fact that you did not incorporate any oils or fats to hold it together. The other issue may be that there “seems to be missing something” in flavor. So oils or fats will be required. I use to just add olive oil to every soup till I started playing around with avocado, coconut oil, young coconut meat, other oils and raw nuts.

Use root veggies like yam, sunchoke or a hard squash like butternut or acorn they can leave a “grainy” texture in the soup. In that case I suggest adding some tahini, a nut butter or raw pine nuts to cloak the graininess.

Another Consideration when making a soup is in regaurds to the heavy use of greens. If you are making a green based soup, you will need a shot of lemon juice. Lemon cuts the bitterness of the greens and give the soups a zesty lightness.

For green soups cucumber and celery make a good base. Soups also require a good balance of flavors so keep in mind that bell pepper, onion, tomato, yellow squash and cucumber, all lighten and or sweeten a soup. Celery, soy sauce, braggs, olives, capers and their brine are all salty along with sea salt of course.
Herbs and spices can also kick a soups flavor into high gear. Again, pick a theme and go with it. If you need guidance just look in other cook bookss or online recipes for excellent herb & spice combinations. So bust out your blender and through in your scraps cause a tasty powerhouse of nutrients is just a minute away.

Till next week
Raw Chef Dan



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