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Leftovers to Gourmet Part 3

So you got some stuff left. What to do with it all. Well one of the best things I like to do is crank up the dehydrator and start putting things together that I have just taking up room in the fridge. Patties burgers, cakes, crakes, cookies…

Everyone thinks that there is only one type of patty and that is the “Burger” and within that everyone thinks they need a recipe. Well you may need a recipe for the first few times but once you see how it is done you can begin to make “Burgers” from just about anything. Patties as I call them can be compiled from scraps of this and that easily and tossed into the dehydrator. While you sleep and dream of lunch the following day your blended leftovers are firming up nicely in your dehydrator.


On a video I posted on Youtube I showed how some pulp from the juicer and some left-over Brazil Nut Pate were mixed to great a tasty Burger. I also added some chopped veggies into the mix just to add some texture and flavor.

So there is one already. Take the pulp after making a juice add it to some leftover pate and add in those scraped of veggies you didn’t need for your salad yesterday. Mix everything together and form some patties. This can be done with almost anything. Pates of any sort can work If you don’t have any Pate you can quickly blend up some walnuts or sunflower seeds or what have you; sprouted Quinoa, soaked Wild Rice, Pumpkin seed, Sunflower Seed, whatever. Blend in the food processor with some olive oil, salt and add in chopped veggies. I also like to use Soy sauce in place of the salt just to add extra flavor.

raw burger

Also if you don’t want to use or don’t have any nuts or seed on hand, dried coconut works as well as soaked Wild Rice or even chopped Yam.  Mix everything together and give it a taste. If it seams a little bland add some herbs, garlic, minced ginger, spices or even dulse
You don’t need pulp ether just nuts, seeds or coconut with chopped veggies and herbs and/or spices and you’re on your way.

So crank up your dehydrator and mix up your leftover because tomorrow it’s burger time.
Next week I will talk about some sweet stuff.

Till next week
Raw Chef Dan



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