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Recipes Suck

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I hear it over and over again. “It’s so hard to make raw food --- It’s too much work --- I am no good at it --- I don’t have the time…” Well I hate to tell you but it is no easier to cook your meals and with raw food meals you don’t have the pots and pans to clean up afterwards. But making your own food takes a lot; whether cooking or raw making a meal is a project right? I mean you have to plan ahead, go shopping to get everything, make the time to prepare, timing cooking with meal time, clean up after…
I know, I know, it is hard, --- if you follow recipes. Why do I say that? Because it is true --- Recipes are a pain in the ASS, limiting and A LOT OF WORK. Recipes steel from the moment, the freedom, the creative outlet, the very joy of creating! Recipes take all the fun out of making food; you have to make your list, go shopping, substitute what you can’t get or don’t have, worry if that is going to work or not. Then follow step by step instruction taking 3 times longer than you need to and it may not even be something you really like or want to eat. Recipes are a time stealer and take all the fun and adventure out of eating. Recipes make preparing food comparable to doing homework.
Making food should be a creative outlet, a time in the day to break from everything

else, have fun and create. It is your time to have fun, experiment , explore make yummy stuff and eat. Exploring is half the joy of eating? Find joy in the journey. We often as humans praise variety, uniqueness,
~ “out of the box” ~ ~“Something Different”~ Advertisers even use the “Tired of the same old routine?” line to attract business. Yet when it comes to food we get stuck on wanting only what we know. Your gatta have it or you will die yummys. Oh but how did you know you liked that until you tried it for the first time? You didn’t know and how much more of those are out there for you to discover? Stuff that may turn out to be your favorite. I remember my first Durian, now its part if my regular diet.

OK Here’s what you do.
Try not to think of food as an isolated part of our life but an integrated part. Be on the lookout for foods all the time. Don’t shop for recipes; shop all the time, buy when things temp you, therefore adding stock to your kitchen at home. Stock up with things that interest you. Then when you’re hungry you can prepare meals with what foods you have. It’s almost instant when you open the fridge full of stuff that looked good to you and see what you got; then put together a meal with that. You get to be creative and treat yourself to something great every

time you eat. You can even repurpose leftovers into amazing gourmet meals. Check out my Tip Of The Week series on Using Your Leftovers.
Get a handle on the basics of Raw Food. How to make a Pate, how to make a Burger / Nut-Loaf, how to make a Bread, how to blend a soup… Once you know the how, the recipes are up to you. Your old favorites, comfort foods, moms cooking… Look at cook books, magazines even on line for ideas and inspiration; there is so many pictures, spice combinations, sauces, toppings, platings… all there to give you meal ideas.
The other great thing about handling your own food supply is the exploration; shop and buy things you usually don’t buy. Ask the venders how to prepare it. It won’t be raw but you will get an idea of how it normally is prepared and what you can do with it. Shop at raw food stores online and order stuff you don’t usually get or even clear on what it is. Just try stuff. I tried the Inca Berries for the first time a few days ago and right away put some into a granola. Yum! What a great discovery!
Food should be fun, on your time, on your terms, and be a creative outlet in your life not a homework project.

Till next week
Raw Chef Dan



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