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Leftovers to Gourmet Part 4





Left-over left-overs
Well so far we have made blended soups, we made meals by plating together several different leftover scraps and then we made burgers and patties. There is a ton more we can do with scraps and rendements but I will finish of this mini series with sweets. Let’s make some desert. Actually one of my favorites is more of porridge than a desert. When I have pie crust left after filling a pie pan. I would just roll it into balls then coat them with coconut flakes or carob powder or even chopped walnuts. Other times I would mix in some berries and or raisins and form balls or snack bars. They can be eaten as is or dehydrated for better travel. But the porridge is a different level all together. Take some leftover pie crust and through it in you food processor with a healthy portion of chopped apple, some berries if you have them maybe peach or pear, a dash of cinnamon and a couple of dates or dried apricots, dried pineapple…  well you get the picture. Now blend; the juice from the apple along with the other fruits should be enough liquid to create an almost soupy


consistency. Remember porridge is thicker than soup but slightly lighter than a pate. If need be adding a little water, apple juice, coconut water would work fine.

If you don’t have pie crust to work with just throw in a handful of nuts and handful of seeds or coconut flakes, Vanilla, sea salt and that is your base.  

Once you blend everything up, give it a taste. If the flavor is good but week, add a pinch of salt. If it is not sweet enough add some honey, agave or top of with sweet fruit when serving. I like to top mine with some peaches, strawberries, raisins and a splash of nut-milk.
Another of my favorite things to do with this is to blend it with less water and then dehydrate small blocks of it into what ultimately will be served like bread pudding; in a bowl with slightly worm nut-milk and chopped fruit. Fruits are often the main clutter when it comes to rendements of better things past but there is hope. Many great things can be done with fruit stragglers and loft-overs. Creams and chopped fruits can make parfaits, tarts, pies, or simply fruit and cream in a bowel.
Having a batch of fruit cream is a great place to start in plating up a decedent desert

Let’s say you have an apple, half a pear and two peaches. Chop into small pieces and put into the blender your apple and half a pear. Then add a pinch of nutmeg, and pinch of salt and a handful of pecans. Blend it all together into a smooth Apple Pecan Cream. Now layer that with chopped fresh peach into a parfait glass and see what you got.

You could blend plumbs or nectarines with macadamia nuts and get an amazing Plumb Butter. Toss that with your chopped strawberries with that and fill a pie crust with it. Fall fruits like apples, pears peaches, nectarines, plumbs apricots… are great for creams.  Blend them with a nut, coconut, avocado or irish moss to create an arsenal of flavorful fruit creams. Add a little more water to yield wonderful puddings. You get the idea so go make something awesome from your leftovers already!

Till next week
Raw Chef Dan



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