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Don't Eat Late
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This weeks’ tip is more of a health tip than a food prep tip. It tackles an issue that we sometime seemingly have no control over and at other times seemingly has control over us. Eating late or eating before lying down to sleep.  The workaholic never takes the time to sit down and really enjoy a meal. Then there are those who have late night binges raiding the refrigerator late at night. Those who do not eat properly during the day end up gorging themselves at night.  Most of us never give much thought to when we eat, we just eat when food is around or a “meal time” is upon us. Lunch break at work, dinner with friends, not always the best time to eat or you may not even really need to eat, it’s just that’s what is happening so you go along. Besides you might not get a chance to eat later so you better eat now right? The fact is we are much better off going the few extra hours without eating than it is to eat when you don’t need it. An empty stomach is much easier on the body than a stomach filling up with new food before it has full processed the last meal.
This is very important and hardly ever given any consideration if any. Food eaten late at night gets poorly digested. This is so because at this time the digestive system is in its resting phase. Also the secretion of digestive juices are reduced in the horizontal position. Do not nap after you eat!

The planets the ocean all of nature works in cycles. The human body is no different. Inside each of us is a very influential internal clock. This clock operates on natures’ cycle whether we do or not. Eating, digesting, absorption and elimination is a process (cycle) that operates in time with the natural world we live in.
We take in food during time our body is upright and active. Motion, bounding from walking, running, biking… stimulate and aids in movement internally keeping things lose and moving through our body not to sit in any one place for too long. This affects all systems, air, blood, lymph and digestion, all working together. This is when food is broken down and moved into the intestinal system to be further broken down and absorbed into the distribution system.
Then evening the resulting nutrients are taken into the body while the excess waste is moved to exit the body. This is not a good time to put in more food as the digestive system is in a different mode altogether not conducive to breaking down fresh intake.  The intake of fresh food at this point takes away from the process already in progress slowing down processes at both ends of digestion allowing time for fermentation and putrefaction; highly toxic result.
Next; early morning our bodies are ready for elimination. This is the time when the waste, much of it toxic if reabsorbed, needs to be eliminated.

If faecal matter is not removed when ready you run the risk of some re-absorption back into the blood stream; a highly toxic condition which is all too often the cause of many common diseases and ill health. It is best to move your bowels before taking in any more solid foods. That is why fresh juices, lemon water or herbal teas are recommended in the raw food diet. It is a proven fact that the body’s protective nature is to avoid dehydration by holding on to faeces until there is enough water in the system to safely let go of what it has. That is why most people believe it is the coffee or tea in the morning that makes them go to the bathroom when in fact it is the water. You must hydrate properly before you body will let go of your waste and solid food not be taken until you have eliminated.
Following this biological cycle can increase health in such a huge way most people would be shock at the results, weight loss, more energy, better skin and hair and generally feeling and looking better. We get so far from our natural way our body wants to be that we neglect such simple rules and put huge unnecessary strains on our health as a result.
So eat at regular meal times breakfast 9 to 10am, lunch 12 -2pm, dinner 6 to 7pm and your life will change. And if you end up late at night without dinner try just having some fruit or a fresh juice. Chances are you will be satiated long enough to get to sleep.

Till next week
Raw Chef Dan



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