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Adding Superfoods to your raw dishes

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Superfood, Superfood what are Super foods and what is so super about them? How can you use them and where do you get them?
Well for those of us lucky enough to live in a place where raw food stores and helpful shop owners are handy the answer these and other silly questions it’s not so baffling. If you’re not so lucky then these things can be more of a mystery. In the simplest form supper food are foods found in nature and taken unadulterated have nutritional attributes that affect a particular part of our health in an exaggerated way. All Foods from nature in it most natural form are beneficial to our health but a few have healing affects that provide extreme healing benefits in one or more arias of our health. Other foods are considered to be superfoods because within that one food i.e. berries, pods, nuts, there is an extremely broad spectrum of life sustaining nutrients. A food one could almost sustain themselves on exclusively. These are often used in Supper Greens Powders, Energy Shakes, Protein shakes…
So what can you do with them and how do they taste? Well that depends on which one and in what form. They sometimes are just a produce like Goji  berries, Blueberries, Maitake Mushroom or Maca Root while others may be a fruit like Durian, Mangosteen , Cocoa while still others may be a marine botanical such as Phytoplankton or Irish Moss and yet others are certain minerals or mineral tinctures, Botanicals and combinations.

OK so what do you do with them?
Well some though very effective are not much for creating tasty meals. They are just taken as a daily dose in a supplement form.


Though these can be add to and hidden in smoothies or shakes they don’t necessarily add to the flavor of your creation. But the ones we can use here in making food to eat of course would be yummy ones like Cocoa, Inca Berries, Goji Berries, Maca Powder…
In most cases superfood are added to smoothies. This is the easiest and most accessible way to put the health super boosters into your system. Some even work great together like Cocoa and Goji. Chocolate Goji smoothies are awesome. I blend Cocoa, Goji, Avocado, Vanilla and Sea Salt. WOW what a shake, sometimes I add in a little Maca for the stamina kick. Gobies also work great with lemon so a Goji Mint Salad dressing can be really tasty or a Goji Lemon Cream. For a dressing just blend a handful of Goji with and hand full of fresh mint, olive oil, Lemon Juice, sea salt and sweeten to taste with agave, Honey, Dates, Or other dried fruits like apricots, Pine Apple ,Mango… For a Cream you can blend Goji with Young Coconut Meat, and or other dried fruits adding just enough water to create a cream. When you have the consistency you want salt and sweeten to taste.
Chocolate is one of the world favorite and that can be made with Raw Cocoa. Blend with Avocado for Puddings or Creams, Thicken with Irish Moss to make a mousse. Blend in your food processor with Nuts and dried Apricots or Date for a Chocolate Cake, Granola Bar… Or add it to a nut-milk for tasty and healthy Chocolate milk. Cocoa also tastes great with Blue Green Algae in smoothies, creams or even ice cream. There is a tone more that can be used to create amazingly tasty dishes and perhaps at another time I can show you more but for this week I that enough because I want to show you where to get these amazing foods.

There are many places on the internet to order your superfoods from at all different prices and all different qualities. The trick is knowing what you’re getting and finding the “real” thing or at least the most potent variety in its purest form. Some companies research there sources some don’t.  The other trick is to find the good stuff at a reasonable price. Well lucky enough for me just as I started writing this column I was introduces to a resource that took care of both of these for me. A staple in the high end of raw food companies Elements for life has just launched their MLM format (Multi Level Marketing) company. THAT’S SO AWESOME and it couldn’t have come at a better time.
Everyone ask
me how to get a Raw Food business and I had no where to send them.  Now I can help almost instantly. I joined the team at EFL immediately and now I get my superfoods at an insider price AND YOU CAN TOO. I am also able to make a business promoting such amazing products, products I believe, promote anyway and are green, ecco friendly and sustainable. I always shied away from MLMs because I couldn’t stand behind the products but this is a no brainer. And the best part is IT CAN BE FOR YOU TO. Weather you just want a steady supply at dealer cost or you want to get out of your day job this is your chance.  I jumped on this one quickly and it there for you as well. Get your super foods and start making some awesome food; feel the difference, enjoy the fun and heck maybe even make a business out of it. Eat Great el Great and have fun with superfoods.
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Till next week
Raw Chef Dan



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