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Atmosphere, Mood and Over Eating

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About a year ago I had a revelation in the relationship to our food craving and atmosphere. Not so much in a momentary influence like passing a bakery, catching the aroma and craving bread. I noticed the hold an influence or condition can have on you; the hold that perpetuates a feeling and or craving. The very life of such craving is almost totally dependent on the circumstance in which it was established. To put it simply; your desire for more food is directly related to the atmosphere in which you have been so enjoying your food.
Now I started to notice this with myself, that is when I was eating and the atmosphere was pleasant I felt hungry and wanted more food even when I know I have had enough. And it was genuine; I was hungry at least on the mental side of hunger. Nutritionally I may have had enough but as far as being satisfied I was left hanging.
The connection at first was not so obvious. Sometime pattern reveal themselves to us and if we are not looking they can go unnoticed for

quit sometime. For many people they run their lives completely. The time I really noticed this, was after a meal at a local raw food place I was still feeling hungry. I wanted to order more food but thought to myself ,,, ,, “mmm you know, I could just make something at home or grab a handroll or something from my restaurant.  Why stay here and spend more money?” So we paid the bill and headed out the door. Once outside the music was gone, the sound of the restaurant was gone, the colors and lighting, and candles, and tablecloths, all that was gone. Strangely enough so was my hunger. By the time I got back to my restaurant I was no linger hungry and needed nothing else to eat. So I began a little investigation. I checked it with myself many time, I would eat just enough to just before full or satisfied and the completely change the atmosphere and see what would happen. Well it work great, I was convinced that the craving for more food was sustained by the complete dining experience. Now we know that setting the right mood for an

enhanced dining experience is well known and marketers have study after study of color light, smell and hunger relationships…  It’s  a given that restaurant chains have applied a tone of psychology to their business platform but this was different. This was a more organic hands-on connection. Not just to me personally but how the actual feeling of hunger can be sustained by sustaining a certain environment that had me sucked in. So I began to ask some friend of mine to take notice of the same thing. They started to pay attention and found the same results. Eat till you are almost full then leave. Get outside or to another room or another place all together and let your true physical state tell you if you are still hungry. Most likely you are not. So this week’s tip is to ovoid over eating get out! We all know it is a good thing to have a walk after we eat but I am thinking more about changing the influences around you especially if you are very comfortable were you are eating. Get up get out of your seat and get out the door and your hunger will go with it!

Till next week
Raw Chef Dan



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