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Nuts and Seeds and
sweet stuff

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Last week I showed you how to clean and prep your pumpkin for food production. I also mentioned at the very end that you can toss the seeds with soy Sauce, Honey and Chili Powder, place them in the dehydrator and make a tasty snack. Let’s talk about this some more. One of my favorite snacks and simplest to do is to flavor and dehydrate nuts and seeds. Sunflower seed are my staple in this process; a little curry, salt and a hint of sweet then dried till crispy, these seeds will be eaten faster than you can make them. That is so basic and yet so good. The same can be done with your pumpkin seeds. The shell on the pumpkin seeds are very thin and create a nice crunch when dried. When they are fresh from the pumpkin they are very slimy and everything sticks to them; a perfect medium for holding flavors and making a great snack. The seed themselves yield a warm nutty taste so many flavors will work well with them. You can just put a little salt and let the seeds take center stage. But if you want to get a little fancier here are some suggestions.

I love the Teriyaki, I get this with agave or honey, minced ginger, minced garlic and soy sauce (Nama Shoyu). If you want to get fancy throw in some minced scallion or add a little pumpkin seed oil. (Austria’s Finest).
Try a Caribbean flare of minced onion, garlic, dried coconut and sea salt or soy sauce/ tamari. I through in a little Thai Chili into this on for some real fun.
You can head south of the border with garlic, chili powder, cumin, sea salt and for an extra flare Jalapeño Pepper
As I mentioned before some sweetener, Curry powder and sea salt. Yu can do sweets as well like honey, cinnamon and sea salt or vanilla bean, agave and sea salt.
You’re not stuck to pumpkin or sunflower seed here ether. Grab some walnuts and do banana cinnamon or curried almonds. Try Mexican spiced brazil nuts, Thai cashews... Really you can just look at common combinations in ethnic cooking and create your snacks. To get some more exotic flavors you can also blend dried fruits and spices to make a flavored Syrups like dates, fresh apple,

cinnamon and sea salt. Dried Pineapple, Coconut and sea salt. Always add just enough water to make syrup you can coat the nuts or seeds with and dry them till crispy.
I like to caramelized Walnuts, pecans, or sliced onions for salads or just snack on. Mix in a bowl a big spoon raw honey, 2 tbsp soy sauce and a tsp vanilla flavoring, this makes and awesome Caramel. Toss it with onion slices and dehydrate or pecans for an arugula salad or walnuts for salads and snacking.
As we approach the Holliday season Thanks giving flavors, Rosemary, Sage, almonds, Walnuts are warm and comforting. And of course Christmas dried cherries with plums and cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice… cranberries apple, lemon zest. It’s  really endless; if you can blend a tasty syrup, pour it on nuts and seeds and dehydrate them; you can make all the yummy snacks, granola, trail mix even granola bars you want.  Try a simple one like pumpkin seed and sea salt or agave, chili powder and salt.


Till next week
Raw Chef Dan



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