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Holiday Comfort Foods In The Raw Part 1
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The holidays are upon us and the food, drinks and over eating will kill us if we don’t eat for the most part the right stuff.
So you know you want all those amazing flavors, colors and textures but without the stomach ache, bloating and weight gain. Us raw foodies know how to avoid all that stuff with the right foods but not many know how to get those holiday favorites into their food. Well that’s where I come in. Thanks Giving, Christmas, New years calls for mash potatoes and gravy, candies yams, butternut bisque soup, with carrot bread and muffins, pumpkin pie, peppermint hot chocolate, all to compliment our cherry glazed turkey and pineapple ham.
So let me help you figure out some of these treats for your holiday survival and who knows you may even turn some people on a healthy dish or two.

First let's look at some starters like soup and muffins. A few soups come to mind around this time of year and most based on a root or squash. Both hard and nails but also full of water.

If I were to use a root like say Yam, Sweet potato or sun-chokes I would wash them good but leave the skins on.

Chop them up and put them into my Vitamix blender or a food processor with the "S" blade and blend with Walnuts or pecans.

If you don’t have a Vitamix it is high time you did.
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It is the only way to really puree this stuff.

So you have your base flavor of the root along with the nuts for bulking and for body. Now, I would want it creamy, around this time of year I think buttery and not coconut. Coconut is too tropical for Christmas so I will opt for some good old olive oil and or pine nuts. Both creamy and buttery and the pine nuts add to the body. A hint of lemon or apple cider vinegar can cut any bitterness of the roots. You can also sweeten with red bell pepper, and red onion and fill in the flavor with celery and sea salt. From there it’s up to you, perhaps some rosemary and sage or oregano and thyme. Play with it, have fun.
For candies yam I blend my yam with pecans, olive oil, sea salt and honey or agave.

For squash like butternut or acorn you will want a warmer flavor like walnut and pine nuts. Not a lot mind you, go easy on them but enough to smooth out the blend so it is creamy and full flavored. To make any of these into a soup, adding a hint of lemon juice or apple vinegar can do wonders. Of course more water will be needed and reinforced the flavors with more salt and spices. Sometimes I juice the squash to use the juice with chunks of the vegetable and the nuts. Add a pinch of nutmeg, black pepper and thyme.
For mash potato, blend cauliflower with pine nut, cashew or young coconut meat. Then add rosemary sage and black pepper.

For my muffins I like to blend yam with dried coconut, dried apricots, vanilla and salt in the food processor. This gives you the perfect muffin base. You can form it into little Bon Bon like shapes and dehydrate them or add flavors first. Adding lemon zest and ginger can be amazing or banana and walnut bits. How about apple chunk and cinnamon. Whatever you like will be great.

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Till next week
Raw Chef Dan



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