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Holiday Comfort Foods In The Raw Part II
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Last week I talked a little on Side Dishes like Candied Yams and Cauliflower Puree. I also mentioned the Muffin concept. I have to correct myself on one thing. In the comment about using squash I mentioned adding a little lemon juice or Apple Cider Vinegar. That is only in the case of making a Soup. Soups are very similar to a Puree except of course you will be adding much more water. In that case a bit more salt will be need as will some of the herbs and spices. Olive Oil will also help the larger quantities of water homogenize with the veggies and hold it that way longer. With Pumpkin or Butternut Soup, I like to use olive oil, sea salt, thyme, nutmeg, a hint of vinegar, and pine nuts. This along with your chopped squash and water can make for an amazing soup. See my recipe _page for specific recipes. PS and butternut recipe can be made with pumpkin or a combination of both.

Now lets get to some of the good stuff. If you got muffins you going to need some Cranberry Relish

For Cranberry Relish
Blend in a Food Processor
some cranberries thicken with medjool dates or dried cherry's, zest it up with fresh ginger and lemon juice. Add flavor with orange peal and mint leaf. support the flavors with Sea Salt. If you like it sweet then a dash of agave or honey will do.


As For Gravy I have a million ways. I like black pepper gravy myself but many versions can come from starting with a good dose of olive oil and some thickener like nuts. Any will do depending on the desired flavor. Brazil makes it really meaty. Mac and or Pine nuts are very buttery. Cashew are like milk for more of a bisque, Almonds are slightly grainy but also rich and meaty and Pecans have a slight desert flavor giving your gravy (or Soup) a festive flavor. Raw Tahini or Almond Butter are also good options for thickening and adding a really rich flavor. Next adding soaked Kombu Sea Kelp or Dulse to make your gravy taste rich like there is some “Stock” in it. Some red onion and garlic adds to the feel that the gravy came from the coulisse of other cooked foods. Red or yellow bell pepper helps to sweeten it and fresh cracked black pepper for the final touch. Raw soy sauce Nama Shoyu and sea salt combo fills in the flavor and pulls it all together. 

Feel free at this point to check grandma’s recipe for other herbs and or spices. There is also an Indian spice called Zatar which I swear taste like roast beef. This can make your gravy or soups really rich.
My Stuffing
is a blend in a Food Processor of:
Walnut  pine nuts sprouted sunflower seeds dried apricots or cherries, sage, oregano,  rosemary and sea salt. Blend to thick paste, transfer to mixing bowl and add:
chopped red onion
chopped celery
Mix by hand and then Dehydrator. Also if you happened to have mastered the kamut bread, tear up some of that and through it in. Pine nuts are also great in here to add that buttery flavor and sprouted wild rice can also add to the over all WOW of this stuffing.

For an entrée there are many “nut Loaf” recipes out there; on-line and in the books. My nutloaf for the holiday is usually a simple brazil nut with coconut or avocado added for fat, spiced with sage, onion and sea salt. The trick with the holidays is to blend up some dried fruit like Pineapple, Cherries or Apricots with Orange juice into a thick past. Now glaze your nutloaf with that and put it back in the dehydrator till the glaze dry to the touch.

Recipes here

Till next week
Raw Chef Dan



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