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Sprouting and Soaking
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So first of all I have to apologize to those who check the Tip of The Week regularly as to my lateness with posting new tips. I am a one man show here and if I have holiday obligations to the restaurant or am at a workshop as has been in the past, I get a little behind. So please except my apologies for my belated post.

So this week I would like to address a pet peeve of mine. As I have stated in many post before, ether here, on my Myspace, my Blog or elsewhere much misinformation is being distributed and taught religiously by many “Raw Chefs" and or "Gurus” and it really gets to me. Please read my blog on sprouting facts, myths and the overly complicated.
Hear is what my logical deductive reasoning has told me:
Something needs to prevent a nut or seed from germinating and sprouting before the beginning of the growing season. Hard shells or inhibitors can prevent short term exposure to moisture from instigating germination. So how is that done? In the fall things including nuts and seed baring growth falls to the ground. Now winter is coming so sprouting now would mean certain doom. So it sets on the surface through winter. No germination and no sprouting yet. Are you with me so far? Then comes spring time; April showers and all that. This is the “soaking” time. With the ground soft and muddy things can sink into the soil and there remain in the moisture long enough for them to germinate.

Hopefully there they will sprout and get a chance to grow, if it is not eaten by creatures smart enough and lucky enough to enjoy fresh sprouts. If they go unnoticed by hungry critters they will grow to full maturity and produce more fruits, nuts, seed, pods whatever.
As far as food is concerned we need to take a look at this. We need enzymes to be activated to promote necessary and thorough digestion. If you are eating a nut that is coated with a membrane containing enzyme inhibitors we are effectively hindering proper digestion. If you soak the nuts overnight to remove the inhibitors and in most cases start a germination process then they become more easily digestible. Some people ask me if you use the water for anything. And here I have to say again. Don’t listen to me blindly; just think about what the process is for. You are removing something you don’t want to eat so why would you use the water that is now full of enzyme inhibitors. It all easy logical you. just need not be intimidated by it all and think it through.
OK you get the picture.
Lets talk about the sprouting process. I have seen crazy sprouting charts and diagrams of jars perch precariously tipped to drain with cheese cloth and rubber bands over the opening. I’ve seen sprouting buckets, sprouting bags…
all way to much and totally unnecessary. Here is the skinny on the easy way. The Raw Chef Dan way. Put your seeds in a container. Fill it with clean filtered water. Be sure you fill at least 2 to 3 inches of water over the top of the seeds. They do expand and get bigger and you don’t want

the top seeds to get pushed out of the water.
Let them sit in the water overnight. In the morning pour them into a strainer draining all the water. Set the strainer on top of the container so the excess water can drip off and away from the seeds. That’s it! You’re done.

Let them sprout there till you see a little stub poking out of the top of the seed.

Some seeds take a day some take 2 or 3 day depending on the type of seed, humidity, air temp, altitude… It is best to dunk them in clean water swishing them around to rinse them off once a day. Just put them back in the strainer where they were and let sit till they are ready to eat.
For nuts I do the same but after straining I dry them and refrigerate for future use.
That’s it people don’t make it so hard. Nature dose not have a sprouting chart or fancy sprouting gadgets; just water and dirt.

Till next week
Raw Chef Dan



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