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Lighten Your Loaf

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My Newest Discovery:
Nut loafs are tasty and great for holiday dinners but commonly they are way too heavy, especially for those trying to cut down on nuts. Too much nuts are not such a great thing for anyone attempting to boost their overall health and increased energy. They can bog you down, make you feel heavy / over-stuffed and as any dense protein, they can be acid forming. But it is the holiday season; how can we have holidays without a tasty Nutloaf to fill in for the Turkey and Ham. How can I have it without being so heavy?

Well I have the answer for you; YES I do!
Put in half the nuts or even less and fill the remainder with chopped pumpkin or a hard squash like Butternut, Acorn or Turban squash. Roots work well too like, Sweet Potato, Yam, Sunchokes… These gems also add an amazing flavor to the loaf and really lighten the load.

Once you blend the nuts and squash or roots in the food processor mix in by hand a bunch of chopped veggies to further lighten things up; chopped celery, Bell Pepper, Onion all work great. These loafs will dehydrate much quicker cutting down on fermentation issues. Serve it warm right from the dehydrator topped off with some gravy and a side of whipped cauliflower and you have a tasty dinner on your plate. Perfect for a holiday meal and it is half the density of a regular nut loaf. So give it a try, I guarantee you will love it.
Good luck, have fun and happy holidays!


Till next week
Raw Chef Dan



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